Fellow Conservative,

Have you seen what is going on at Obama’s Department of (in)Justice?

They took the transcript of the 911 call that the Orlando shooter made and selectively edited it to remove references to ISIS and its leader, al-Baghdadi, while also taking references to “Allah” and replacing it with the word “God.”

When they were called out on these bogus edits, the DOJ ultimately relented and released the full, unedited transcript.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave a press conference yesterday and when asked what the administration planned to do, she declared that the “our most effective response to terror is compassion, it’s unity and it’s love.”

I wish that she was joking, but apparently she plans to kill the terrorists with kindness.

This is just par for the course for the Obama administration. When they are presented with the opportunity to take down criminals, they always choose not to. Lois Lerner… Eric Holder… and now Hillary Clinton.

Today, the IT director who set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server will testify in a civil lawsuit. Well, that isn’t quite accurate. He’ll be asked plenty of questions, but it has been leaked that he only plans on pleading the fifth.

The 5th Amendment protects our all-important right to avoid self-incrimination. No American should be forced to bear witness against himself or herself.

But the fact that Clinton’s former-aide, Brian Pagliano, is refusing to testify out of fear of incriminating himself proves what we’ve known all along: laws were broken.

What is the DOJ doing about it? Nothing!

Loretta Lynch will not prosecute Hillary Clinton. FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress push for a special prosecutor to go after Hillary for her email crimes!

Just minutes after Barack Obama announced his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, he met with AG Loretta Lynch privately in the Oval Office.

Are we really supposed to believe that this meeting had nothing to do with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes?

How can the Department of Justice be expected to impartially prosecute criminals if the President himself endorses that criminal?

It’s a clear conflict of interest. By saying that he wants Hillary Clinton to be President, Barack Obama is not-so-subtly telling the law enforcement officers under him to stand down.

Picture yourself as an FBI agent or DOJ employee dealing with the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation. Now, imagine you turn on the television and find out that your boss endorsed the very person you are charged with investigating and prosecuting.

Either you stand-down or you’re out of a job.

Our Founders knew that the Executive Branch held the potential for tyranny. They knew that a time might come when the Executive Branch would be expected to investigate and prosecute one of its own. That is why they created the checks and balances within government and made Congress a co-equal branch.

The Obama administration has had multiple opportunities to prosecute its own.

Former-Attorney General Eric Holder was caught selling machine guns to Mexican Drug Cartels. What did Obama do? He used executive privilege to shield Holder from prosecution.

IRS-bureaucrat Lois Lerner was caught using her office to prevent Conservative non-profits from participating in a Presidential election. What did Obama’s DOJ do? Nothing. They declined to prosecute and declared Lerner did nothing wrong.

Now, a former-Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate was caught violating the Federal Records Act and even the Espionage Act. Her aides are pleading the fifth and signing immunity agreements and what does Obama do? He endorses the very suspect of the investigation.

What is happening in the White House is criminal and it is long overdue for Congress to intervene!

The Obama administration cannot be trusted to prosecute one of its own! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress force the appointment of a special, independent prosecutor!

For years, Congress had the power to intervene directly to appoint special prosecutors when a conflict of interest in the DOJ arose. In recent years, Democrats have sought to make this even harder to accomplish. They have put barriers and roadblocks in the way to ensure that Obama would have free-rein to cover up his scandals.

That ends today!

As you know, Congress is in the midst of budget season. This is when Congress will pass the appropriations bills that fund our Federal government for the next year. Right now, they are debating the legislation to fund the DOJ.

They will never have more power over Obama than now.

If we are going to force the appointment of a special, independent prosecutor to go after Hillary, it is going to have to happen right now!

And the only way it will happen is if you get loud and demand it!

Don’t just sit back! Raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress use every tool at its disposal to force the appointment of a special prosecutor for the Hillary Clinton case!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily