Fellow Conservative,

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly dangerous. Terrorists are getting smarter. The Islamic State is the most well-funded terrorist organization in history.

Here’s an example: the Italian government put its air forces on high alert after receiving intelligence of a potentially imminent air attack by ISIS in Libya. Yes, you read that correctly. They received intelligence that ISIS is going to attack Europe by air…

This is the enemy we face. One that is so well funded and armed that the prospect of an air attack is not only possible, but probable enough to send a NATO country into high alert.

Right now, we need to do two things: We need the government to identify the threat by its real name (radical Islamic extremism/terrorism) and then we need to destroy them.

This week, President Obama hosted a summit of World Leaders to discuss extremism and instead of calling out radical Islam, he made excuses for our enemies. He said that ISIS has “legitimate grievances” and the State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf actually said that people were joining ISIS because they can’t find jobs…

The administration simply refuses to label our enemy by its real name…

A few days after the summit ended, the Department of Homeland Security released a report outlining what they believe to be the country’s biggest threat in 2015… Now, this report hasn’t been leaked to the public yet, but numerous news sources are confirming its existence and contents. This month’s report is a follow-up to the 2009 DHS report.

Are you sitting down? Because the report cites YOU as the Country’s biggest threat!

This is absurd. Homeland Security has cited right-wing extremism as the biggest threat to America. Demand that Congress STOP the government from targeting Conservatives!

If this wasn’t so tragically flawed, it would be comical. Here we have terrorists armed with tanks, jets, and enough weapons and ammunition to fight for years. We have a NATO ally worrying about an ISIS air assault. And instead of labeling radical Islam as our enemy, our own government lists radical Conservatives as public enemy #1.

We’ve seen this before. Intergovernmental memos have described right-wing extremists as anyone who believes in the supremacy of the Constitution, fights for 2nd Amendment rights, opposes abortion, wants a balanced budget… the really pathetic thing is that the characteristics of a “right-wing extremist” have been pulled right from the GOP Party Platform.


My father used to joke that he was ecstatic when I moved across country because it meant that the drones would stop flying over his house.

But in all seriousness, you and I are on lists. While the State Department is planning jobs fairs for ISIS (Jobs-for-Jihadis), you and I are being labeled public enemy #1.

It’s just so sad. But what we have seen from this administration is a constant assault against Conservatism. The IRS, FBI, DHS, ATF, and NSA have all been used against the American people (aka Obama’s opponents).

Now, when we should be fighting this radical Islamic terrorist group, the administration has instead chose to batten down the hatches and target CONSERVATIVES!

Enough is enough. With all this talk of defunding Obama’s amnesty, no one is talking about defunding the programs designed to target us!

Right now, Homeland Security funding is being debated in Congress. It is just ludicrous that Conservatives were named Public Enemy #1 and the administration is too afraid to even say the phrase “radical Islamic extremism.”

I say shut it down. But when Homeland Security does get its funding – after the Democrats surrender, mind you – it is imperative that we make sure that NOT ONE CENT goes towards targeting law-abiding Conservative Americans!

Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from going after Conservative Americans!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily