Fellow Conservative,

Democrats are pushing for a new executive order that would allow the President to delay and suspend gun purchases indefinitely!

The man behind the massacre in Charleston was able to buy a gun because the FBI dropped the ball with his background check. He had an arrest for drug possession on file but the NICS background check agent couldn’t find evidence of a conviction.

Currently, the law says that if the FBI can’t find a reason to deny a gun purchase after three days, the licensed gun dealer is allowed to release the firearm to the purchaser. Ultimately, this is up to the gun store.

The Left is calling this another ‘background check loophole’ and they are pushing hard for Obama to lift the three-day limit on gun background checks.

But without this regulation, Federal agents would have the power to indefinitely prevent you from purchasing a gun. If a President didn’t want people buying guns, he could instruct the FBI to slow-walk background checks.

What is coming down the pike is terrifying. Right now, as intrusive as many of our gun laws may be, they still respect your individual right to purchase a gun. If the government can’t find a reason to deny you this right within three days – after you paid for them to perform this service – then that agent should be fired and replaced.

But Obama is preparing to change all that. The President wants the authority to allow background checks to be ‘open ended’ and ‘take as long as necessary.’

On top of that, Congressional Democrats are actually asking Obama to circumvent Congress and change the law by executive order!

This is ludicrous! Don't let Obama implement this new background check executive order!

The law mandating background checks was passed in 1994. Even though the internet was in its infancy, all records were kept in paper-form. The three-day window was made because the FBI had to track down hard copies of court and arrest records. The three-days gave them enough time to find the records and have them mailed or faxed to the FBI.

Today, these records are digital. With the click of a button, the FBI has access to pretty much everything in a person's record.

So why on earth would we make background checks open ended?! Remember, you pay for this background check service when you buy a gun. You pay out of pocket for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System to clear you.

If this change goes through, the Executive Branch would have unprecedented power to stop you from buying a gun. This is unacceptable.

Don’t let Obama and the Democrats implement this new executive order and seize even more power!

No more gun control executive orders! Demand that Congress stop Obama from changing the background check laws.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily