Fellow Conservative,

Earlier this week, news leaked out of Washington that Mitch McConnell was actually going to do the right thing and freeze all of Obama’s judicial nominees.

The President has a number of Appeals and District judges up for confirmation, but two days ago, Senator McConnell let slip that they would not receive confirmation votes during Obama’s presidency.

Why should they? Why should the Republican Congress approve such liberal and leftist judges?

With the number of court cases we have around the country focusing on issues like gun rights, Obamacare, and defeating Obama’s amnesty, we simply can’t afford to have any more liberal judges on the bench.

This is how it should be. If Obama wants to get people confirmed, he needs to move to the middle, not appoint radical activist judges.

But, now that this plan has leaked out, Mitch McConnell has decided to back away and retract his statement. Instead of keeping these courts red, and even purple, he is going to help turn them blue!

Stop Mitch McConnell from confirming ANY more of Obama’s leftist nominees!

Right now, there are seven vacancies in Appeals Courts around the country. These are the courts that hear cases right before they go to the Supreme Court. Often times, they are the final say on important issues.

Obama understands that his legacy isn’t only what he accomplishes, but it is also how many liberal judges he slips into the judiciary.

Some of these nominees are in their mid-forties. If they’re confirmed, Obama’s policies and programs would be protected on the bench for well over three decades.

That means three more decades of anti-gun rulings… three more decades of open immigration rulings… three more decades of pro-abortion rulings… the list just keeps going and going.

When Barack Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to become the next Attorney General, we warned that she was far more radical than Eric Holder ever was. Now that Mitch McConnell caved and confirmed her, she has made it her department’s mission to get as many gun control regulations finalized before Obama leaves office.

It shouldn’t be this hard to get our elected officials to just STOP surrendering every chance they get. They all promised to work to stop the destruction of this country but when push comes to shove, they are confirming the very government officials in charge of the destruction!

McConnell is now claiming he never said what he said and is promising to hold votes on Obama’s nominees anyway, even if it means surrendering this country for decades to come!

Absolutely not!

I need you to do two things:

First, please fax blast Congress and DEMAND that they stand up to this habitual surrendering! If Mitch McConnell won’t hold the line, force Congress to replace him as leader!

Second, please forward this email to one of your friends. The only way we can stop this is if everyone knows about it. That starts by forwarding it on to at least one of your conservative friends!

Together, we can stop this. There is no reason for any more of Obama’s radical leftist nominees to be confirmed!

Click to demand that this RINO is stopped!

All the best,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily