Dear Good American,

President Barack Obama’s Executive Order #13649 directs everyone in the United States to be tested for HIV/AIDS between the ages of 15-65!  This is the absolute ultimate in government over-reach.  And we must notify Congress to overturn that Order!

A friend emailed me about the July 15, 2013 Executive Order about President Obama wanting everyone to be tested for AIDS; but I thought someone was pulling a prank on me.

Then I actually read the Executive Order!

For many, many months Conservative-Daily has warned you of constant government over-reach from the Obama Administration.  All of them are disastrous.  And in our daily lives, we must cope and fight against BIG GOVERNMENT at every step.  Thank you for standing with us in our fight.

BUT this is the ultimate Big Government move that I have seen.  And it is extremely personal.  And it really invades my privacy and the privacy of all Americans.

Let Congress know that you oppose government over-reach by being asked by the President of the United States to be tested for AIDS. Overturn Executive Order 13649!

Do our hearts go out to those who have HIV/AIDS?  Absolutely!  Do we need to make sure that some people are screened and treated so that it does not become an epidemic?  Absolutely.

But to have the President of the United States recommend that everyone in American from the ages of 15 – 65 be screened is completely over the top, to say the least.  That means grandchildren, children, brothers, sisters, parents, and even grandparents!

There is even an Obama “database scheme” for “Big Brother”—each and every state, in varying degrees, holds a wealth of individual identification data on file (as will the federal government with HIV information!), data that the federal government really wants to get its hands on!  Don’t let this BIG BROTHER DATABASE formulate, especially for HIV information!

Of course Congress is never consulted on Executive Orders.  This comes directly from President Barack Obama.  Frankly, it is personally insulting!  Getting tested for AIDS I am sure is quite embarrassing. 

Here is part of Executive Order Number 13649:

“…recommendations for HIV testing and treatment have changed.  The United States Protective Services Task Force now recommends that clinicians screen all individuals ages 15 to 65 years for HIV, and the Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines for Use of Antiretroviral Agents now recommends offering treatment to all adolescents and adults diagnosed with HIV.”

This particular executive order really hits the homeland of the United States.  NO, this is not Obamacare.  This is an executive order ALREADY in place.  Can you imagine the absolute fear that testing puts onto unsuspecting teenagers, as well as you and me?  This is outrageous!  And we must fax Congress to make sure they overturn this enormous government over-reach!

Executive Orders have been used by American presidents since George Washington.  Whether one is a Democrat or a Republican, every President has signed numerous Executive Orders, including President Obama. 

Executive Orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States helps to manage the operations of the federal government. 

The United States Congress, our duly-elected officials, does possess the power to OVERTURN Executive Orders.

Put Congress on alert to overturn Executive Order 13649!

President Obama, in the fall of 2011, facing congressional gridlock, said: “We can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job.  Where they won’t act, I will!”  Technically, Executive Orders are EXTRA-CONSTITUTIONAL

This must be stopped….and stopped right now, by faxing Congress.

I do not want some federal government bureaucrat, under orders from President Obama, testing me or anyone I know, for AIDS! This is a fundamental invasion of our privacy!

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Radio personality and well-respected journalist, Susan Posel writes a conclusion on mass screenings: “HIV/AIDS has been developed as a bio-weapon of mass depopulation capabilities, but now the global Elite are stepping up their intention with their research into the abilities of the human immune system. Specifics could result in a “vaccine” that would cause the human immune system to become ineffective. By claiming there is a pandemic, the global Elite could justify the need for mass immunizations. This would leave every person inoculated under threat of becoming deathly ill from even simple exposure to the common cold.”

Your faxes to every Member of the United States Congress is imperative, to bring our UN-Constitutional government directives under control! Please, please fax today.  With enough faxes, our Congress might have enough guts to stand up to this egregious invasion of my family; and urge the overturning of all or parts of Executive Order 13649!

President Obama will implement his socialistic agenda however he can.  That’s the basic problem!  However, he is BY-PASSING our system of built-in congressional “checks and balances.”

His order MUST BE overturned by legislative action.  New laws can be passed by Congress that goes against executive orders.  Even future presidents can undo executive orders.

But we must demand action now before all of America is traumatized by a supposed pandemic of AIDS.  And the Barack Obama Administration gathers a database for Big Brother, to include AIDS!

Send a personalized fax to Congress today to let them know that you do not appreciate the government over-reach by recommending AIDS testing to all Americans!


Tony Adkins


Conservative Daily