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There is a U.S. Marine who has been in an Iranian prison for 1200 days. His name is Amir Hekmati.

Amir held dual citizenship in the United States and Iran. However, since his father is Iranian, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize him as an American… only as an Iranian.

When Amir was visiting family in Iran in 2011, he was arrested and charged with spying for the United States. Since Iran doesn’t recognize his American citizenship, he was accused of betraying his country and sentenced to death.

However, his death sentence was ultimately commuted to ten years. Now, Amir Hekmati is beginning a hunger strike in the hopes of getting Barack Obama’s attention and help.

He’s getting people’s attention. All across the country, fellow Marines are joining in Hekmati’s hunger strike.

"Marines don't leave anyone behind," explains Nick Kaywork, a Marine veteran who has joined the hunger strike. "And Amir has been left for more than three years in Iranian captivity. We can't stand by and let another day pass quietly while he sits in prison."

This marine’s plight is starting to gain traction here in the United States. Americans are beginning to realize that Obama is more interested in helping to free our enemies than working to free our soldiers.

You don’t need to go on a hunger strike to make a difference.

All you need to do is raise your voice and FORCE Congress to get involved and start working to get this man freed!

There’s a reason that so many Marines are joining the fight to help get Amir Hekmati freed. Bryan Lane, a fellow Marine, explains it perfectly: “Throughout their entire careers, Marines are united in their suffering doing things most people aren't willing to do," he said. "I am [hunger] striking with Amir so we can again be bound by adversity. Three years of captivity is too long for any American traveling abroad, let alone a Marine Corps veteran. I hope to inspire our elected officials to act as the leaders they are."

This is what makes this country so great. The Marines may be few, but they represent what is best in this country. They represent brotherhood and determination, sacrifice and grit.

But these aren’t just the qualities of a Marine. These characteristics are alive in every single one of us.

We are Americans and Americans don’t quit. Americans don’t turn their backs on a neighbor in need.

But that seems to be just what Congress and this President are doing!

Obama is more than happy to help get terrorists freed from Guantanamo Bay. He also just negotiated with Communist Cuba to let Cuban spies out of prison.

The only people that the President doesn’t seem to care about are American soldiers who are in prison!

Whether it was Andrew Tahmooressi, Lt. Clint Lorance, or now Amir Hekmati, these imprisoned soldiers were abandoned by both political parties – Democrats and Republicans alike!

Amir Hekmati is one of the few Americans who answered the call to serve his country. When the nation needed him, he was there.

Well now, he needs YOU! He needs you to tell your friends about his plight but more importantly, he needs you to raise hell and force Congress to take up Hekmati’s case.

You don’t need to take up a hunger strike… all you need to do to help this young Marine is raise your voice to the point where Congress can’t ignore him any longer!

Tell Congress that you DEMAND they take up Amir Hekmati’s case and pressure Iran to release this American hero!

Seriously, Amir Hekmati has been in prison for over 1200 days. Meanwhile, Barack Obama just left for vacation so he can go golfing and bodysurfing in Hawaii.

I’m not saying that Presidents don’t deserve vacation time. All I’m saying is that it just takes Obama of a few Congressmen to pick up the phone to get the ball rolling.

And to make that happen, you need to demand it!

I’m tired of seeing terrorists and Communist spies let out of prison only to have this Marine’s plight completely ignored!

Click here to help bring Marine Amir Hekmati home!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily