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Our email today was originally going to focus on the Pentagon’s asinine attempts to claw-back signing bonuses that soldiers received a decade ago when they re-enlisted to go to Afghanistan or Iraq.

Right as we were about to hit send, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that he was suspending all attempts to collect these “debts.” This is good news, but it is not the end. As Congress gets closer to passing a budget, we will launch a full press to make sure that Sec. Carter’s decision is codified into law... permanently.

But for now, we will turn our eyes on another tragedy that is befalling one of our men in uniform. We have received an update in the case against Air Force Lt. Colonel Michael Kersten.

As you remember, this is the officer who is under fire for telling an interviewer that the role model he looks up to the most for leadership guidance is Jesus Christ himself.

Now, Leftist activists are demanding that Kersten be “visibly punished” for answering a personal question and we’re learning that the reasoning behind this is that Kersten “insulted” the Turkish military personnel on base.

Give me a break…

The Pentagon is investigating Lt. Col. Michael Kersten because his discussion of faith “offended” Turkish Muslims on his base. Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they intervene and stop the Obama administration from punishing this man!

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization known for protesting any religious mention within the military, has written to Lt. Col. Kersten’s superiors and demanded that the man be visibly punished.

The letter details that a “number of Turkish military personnel and related Turkish nationals, the majority of whom are practitioners of the Islamic faith, also assigned at Incirlik [Air Force Base] were… extremely offended.”

What was the exchange that has these Leftists so offended?

An interviewer asked Kersten, “is there a leader from your career that influenced you the most?”

“There’s no one in particular,” Kersten responded. “As a Christian, my example is to be like Christ. He is my guide and affects all of my decisions. He teaches to do all things as unto the Lord and I believe this is synonymous with integrity first and excellence in all we do.”

Now, the leftists are calling for this man’s head. All because he answered a personal question with a faith-based answer.

The Pentagon is now exploring punishments for Lt. Col. Michael Kersten, all because he said that his main role model is Christ…

This is what is wrong with this country. Good men are being deliberately targeted because of their faith and their morality.

Remember Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland? He was a highly decorated Green Beret who was targeted by the Pentagon for an involuntary discharge because he pushed and shoved a confessed child rapist in Afghanistan. The Obama administration dragged this man through hell for a whole year. It was only through your activism that the Pentagon ultimately backed down to Congressional pressure.

Now we are faced with another case in the administrations war of political correctness. And this American hero needs your help!

Don’t let the Obama administration punish this Christian Air Force Colonel! Send your FaxBlast now and FORCE Congress to intervene and put an end to the Pentagon’s plan to “visibly punish” Lt. Col. Michael Kersten!

This is absolutely ludicrous. An officer was asked to share his personal role model and he responded that he looked up to Jesus Christ.

It is hard to believe that this man is now facing disciplinary action, with Leftist activists calling for him to be “visibly punished” because he offended Turkish Muslims on the base. But those are the simple facts.

This hero needs your help!

Don’t let the Pentagon ‘visibly punish’ this American hero! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they intervene and block any and all attempts to discipline Lt. Col. Kersten for saying Jesus is his role model!


Joe Otto

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