Fellow Conservative,

With Hillary Clinton set to testify before the Benghazi Committee in just a matter of days, Democrats are working around the clock to get the committee disbanded.

This comes after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy – and heir-apparent to Boehner’s speakership – seemed to admit that one of the purposes of the committee was to go after Hillary Clinton.

How was that not already obvious?

This woman lied about the Benghazi Attacks and blamed a low-budget YouTube video for a premeditated terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11.

Yes, the committee’s job was to prove Hillary is a liar. But along the way, Rep. Trey Gowdy and his colleagues discovered that Hillary Clinton is a criminal as well.

Yesterday, John Boehner teamed up with House Democrats to get Planned Parenthood funded through the end of the year. The price he paid for that treachery was way too high. These Democrats are now calling in that favor and demanding that Boehner disband the Benghazi Committee!

You can’t let this happen! Force Congress to stop John Boehner from dissolving the Benghazi Committee!

If you ever want to learn how to stab your “friends” in the back, study what John Boehner did Yesterday.

Knowing that he had lost all support in Congress, he teed up a bill to fund the government through December. The legislation also funded Planned Parenthood as well.

Boehner didn’t have the votes to carry it. A total of 151 Republican Congressmen (roughly 61% of the GOP caucus) refused to go along with the plan and fund these abortion butcher shops. So, Boehner turned to Democrats to get his bill through.

John “Traitor” Boehner got every single Democrat vote. Now, the left is asking for Boehner to return the favor and disband the Benghazi Select Committee to spare Hillary Clinton from having to testify.

You’re probably telling yourself that’s impossible and that Boehner would never do it. Here’s a newsflash: he can literally do whatever he wants. He’s resigning in a matter of weeks. No threat can stop him. He doesn’t have to pretend to be a Conservative and yesterday’s vote shows he has no interest in pretending.

The Left is pushing heavy to call in all their favors to get the Select Committee disbanded. They want to bury the truth to save Hillary Clinton.

This CANNOT be allowed to happen!

Don’t let Boehner and the Democrats derail the investigation into Hillary’s Crimes! Tell Congress to stop the committee from being disbanded!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily