Fellow Conservative,

Today is the day. By midnight tonight, the most unconstitutional parts of PATRIOT Act will expire and get sent to the ash heap of history where they belong.

As soon as the clock strikes twelve, the NSA and other intelligence agencies will no longer be able to collect your phone and internet records without a warrant. They won’t be able to spy on your text/picture messages or record your call history.

When the news broke of this NSA domestic surveillance program in the summer of 2013, it was just one of the many scandals plaguing the Obama administration at the time. This was around the time that Lois Lerner’s IRS targeting scheme became public knowledge and Benghazi was still front page news.

On top of all of this, we learned that the NSA was spying on us. It was shocking news. Even the President came out and said that the news was alarming. Remember? This was one of the scandals Obama claimed to “learn about in the news.”

However, over the past two years, the establishment Republicans have tried to shift public opinion in favor of warrantless domestic surveillance. Unfortunately, many of them have succeeded.

We haven’t forgotten. We haven’t forgotten that for the last decade and a half, the Federal government has violated each and every American’s 4th Amendment rights. And now that we are in the final stretch before these unconstitutional programs expire, I hope that you won’t forget either…

It’s now or never! Tell Congress to vote NO and allow the PATRIOT Act’s domestic spy programs to expire!

Senator Rand Paul has promised to do everything in his power today to prevent the Senate from reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act. Sen. Paul’s epic filibuster last week was able to stave them off. But now, Mitch McConnell is forcing the Senate into a last-minute emergency session to push the PATRIOT Act renewal through.

Now, I’ve learned never to underestimate Rand Paul when it comes to fighting for our Constitutional rights. But even if he holds the podium for an entire day and takes the record for the longest filibuster, he still has to hand over Control of the Senate eventually.

One man can’t do it. One Senator isn’t enough to save the Constitution.

The GOP is pushing what they call the USA Freedom Act. Isn’t it amazing how the most unconstitutional laws always have the most patriotic titles? They think you’re too stupid to read what is in this bill.

The USA Freedom Act might stop the NSA from spying on Americans, but it still allows them to seize millions of records at a time by going directly through the telecommunications/internet companies.

But this legislation doesn’t get to the heart of the issue. If the NSA or any other three-letter government agency wants an individual’s phone or Internet records, they need a specified warrant. The USA Freedom Act would allow the NSA to go to a company like Verizon and seize the phone records for everyone who lives in Texas, for example.

This is hardly ‘reform.’ That is why when this legislation was put up for a vote, it was fell short of passage by just three votes.

As we speak, the RINOs and establishment Republicans are desperately trying to buy votes to get their way. Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have scheduled this emergency vote if he didn’t think he had the votes…

Running out of time! Tell Congress to stop these out-of-control NSA programs!

It’s up to you to make sure that these PATRIOT Act programs expire. This is literally the 11th hour.

By this time tomorrow, we will have either eradicated these unconstitutional domestic spy programs or Congress will have shown its true colors and violated our rights once more.

I’m not ready to leave it to chance and I hope you aren’t either.

Now more than ever, we need to bombard Congress with as many faxes as possible. Keep their fax machines ringing and printing all day long so they can’t ignore We the People.

But the only way that happens is if you click and DEMAND that Congress allow these Patriot Act programs to expire!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily