Dear Conservative American Citizen,

The Obama administration is the LEAST transparent in history, despite Obama’s fanfare on his first day in office when he claimed he would open up government to the people. He has installed himself onto his White House throne (probably through shady voting practices) and has placed his radical friends in high agency positions, ready to carry out his socialist GLOBAL view. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT TO AGENCY BEHAVIOR RIGHT NOW. No one is keeping King Barack Obama in check. It’s a free-for-all out there in D.C.

THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT. Barack Obama and his advisors can have a closed-door meeting with George Soros, arrange some grand socialist scheme and then go to the EPA, ATF, IRS, FBI, Department of Justice, or NSA and tell them to enact that vision. It is happening every day and we are seeing the disaster that his policies are having on America. Congress has been rendered obsolete. This cannot continue.

The act known as REINS, Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, has passed the House and needs Senate approval to TAKE AWAY OBAMA’S ABSOLUTE POWER to by-pass the rule of law and the American People! The REINS Act means that new MAJOR regulations that will cost more than $100 million annually could only take effect if the House and Senate approve them. And, the House and Senate are required to vote “yay” or “nay” on each major rule, creating an expedited review process and forcing Members to vote one way or the other…which of course enables We, the People, to hold them accountable for their votes.

We have three more years of President Barack Obama. Take off his crown and continue the fight for transparency and accountability in government. Tell the Senate to support the REINS Act and restore democracy to America!

King Obama rules by executive order and boasts to the people and Congress that, either you do what I want by choice, or I go around you to MY AGENCIES. HE doesn’t like the Second Amendment…an executive order can take that right away. Obama doesn’t like our immigration laws…he unleashes the Justice Department on states trying to enforce the law and signs an executive order granting amnesty. Obama believes in the United Nations program of Agenda 21, which will drastically alter every aspect of our lives in order to “combat” (false) global warming…

BAM—more executive orders to socially engineer society, and a blank check to the EPA to force dangerous ethanol blends into our fuel.

You “folks” don’t like what Obama is doing to America? Too bad. He knows best. It’s his way or the highway.

What will Obama do next? Let’s not wait to find out, PLEASE. We have a great future if we fight for what we believe in NOW!

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Obama must be stopped, and the REINS Act is a strong first step to limiting his growing executive power. The REINS Act puts power back into the hands of the people and forces Members of Congress to vote on the merits of a bill and then be held accountable for their votes!

Surely you have felt the heavy hand of regulation in your life. The Washington Times reports, “The nation’s regulatory climate has hit epic highs under President Obama’s White House, despite the administration’s oft-repeated rhetoric of the need to create a freer business atmosphere and open the doors to economic growth.”

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center reports that the Code of Federal Regulations has grown from 71,224 pages in 1975 to 174,545 in 2012. This is a 145% increase in regulations over all aspects of our lives.

The cost of so many useless regulations is reportedly 1.5 TRILLION a year!

This year alone, through July 5th, 2013, 1,486 NEW regulations have been created … that is approximately 1 new regulation EVERY 2 hours and 9 minutes! Fiscal Year 2013, the federal government has spent $58.7 Billion to administer regulations. This is MORE THAN DOUBLE WHAT WAS SPENT IN 2000.

That’s right: bureaucrats in Washington have written over 170,000 pages of rules that you and your families and businesses have to abide by. We are only one year into Obama’s second term; it is staggering to think what that number will be by the end of 2016.

We can’t have a President destroy the American economy by making it impossible to do business in America. His IRS, obviously, is fond of persecuting political “enemies.” But remember the August, 2011 raid of Gibson Guitars, was supposedly done because somewhere down the line in Gibson’s supply chain there MAY have been a RISK of illicit wood being used, which was in violation of FOREIGN (not American) law. Nevermind that Gibson’s biggest competitor uses the same supplier. Conveniently and interestingly, Gibson was the only one they came after. They conducted a SWAT RAID to make sure these dangerous guitar manufacturers don’t get away with murder!

Take away the regulation side of this—which is of course still a major concern because businesses are being regulated to death by Obama—and consider that Gibson Guitars CEO Henry E. Juszkiewicz is a supporter of conservative causes and candidates. That couldn’t have figured into the equation when Obama’s thugs were considering the raid…RIGHT?

If Obama continues unchecked, are your offices the next target for the SWAT team? He is operating a (semi) legal federal mafia, and if you want to maintain freedom and industry and innovation in America, you must tell your Senator to vote for the REINS Act.

Restore accountability to government. Don’t allow Obama to kill the dream of our Founding Fathers. Tell the Senate to pass the REINS Act and end Obama’s dictatorship. This may be the only way around his rule!

AMERICA NEEDS TO STOP REGULATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Obama has done everything he can to bypass our legislative process and has openly sneered at the way our government works. He scoffs at any mention of working with Congress, stomps his feet and pouts when he doesn’t get his way—then takes out a pen and fixes the situation himself by simply issuing an executive order or a set of directives to his agency heads. He acts as a dictator and is so much smarter than everyone else in the room—so, even though many of them should be out of a job right now because they can’t stick to their principles, seriously, WHAT do we need a Congress for if we are now living under a monarchy?

We, the People have to fix the system before Obama rewrites the entire Constitution, or tears it up on national television in front of us.


Impeachment would be a good thing; but the balance of power in the Senate and a House full of representatives too scared to act makes that an extremely unlikely option. That is why passing REINS in the Senate is so important.

The REINS Act is one last legislative end-run around Obama’s absolute control. If the Senate passes REINS, it will take a big chunk out of Obama’s mafia and stop the “regulation strangulation” the United States of America is evolving into.


REINS requires that there be Congressional approval before major regulations can take effect. This prevents the President and government agencies from handing down decrees in a dictator-like manner, bypassing Congress and influencing our society without the input of the people and our representatives.

Obama’s unchecked regulatory power amounts to about $14,678 for EACH American family…right now. What will that number be in a year … or two … or three? The poor cannot afford his grand, global and “fundamental” change to America!

We need to rally the Senate to get behind the REINS Act and implore them to restore legislative control and accountability to Congress, while reining in Obama’s power. This is not just a Left and Right issue—this concerns the very fabric of our nation.

We can understand that Democrats in the Senate might be hesitant to pass something that would rein in the powers of THEIR beloved dictator—but this legislation is important to balance the power of our government no matter who is in charge. Our Senators need to think seriously about giving any occupant of the White House broad and unchecked powers.

As Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) said after the passage of REINS in the House, “Regardless of which party occupies the White House, this commonsense legislation is needed to restore the balance of power in Washington and return responsibility for the legislative process to Congress.”

This is a dangerous president and these are dangerous times. Obama believes he can install his radical Leftist buddies into high-ranking government agencies and let them run wild over America. No accountability, no transparency, and NO OVERSIGHT from Congress. I cannot imagine what the next few years are going to bring if he is allowed to continue his dictatorship. I cannot imagine what our future will look like if this doesn’t pass and we have to endure another Democratic President (Hillary Clinton?) with a strong history of using Executive Orders to run around Congress, and over the American people! It’s so easy to see the cronyism, political strong-arming and radical Leftist views being shoved down our throats.

The REINS Act is an immediate and effective legislative action around Obama’s grand global vision. It is a good thing for America, regardless of who occupies the White House. The New York Times, Obama’s best snuggly bedfellow, bemoans the fact that the REINS Act will “undermine the Executive Branch.” IT WILL DO THAT, YES…and that is exactly what we want it to do. That is exactly why it is so important.

Don’t let the government take control of you—take control of our government! Tell the Senate to pass the REINS Act!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily