Fellow Conservative,

Do you know what Congressional Republicans did? Yes, they just made Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House but that’s not what I’m talking about.

While millions of Americans turned their eyes to CNBC for the Republican Presidential Debate last night (which was a sham), John Boehner gave us one last parting “gift.”

He is resigning in a matter of days. His last gift to Conservatives was to ensure the GOP’s surrender from now until when Obama leaves office!

When the founding fathers crafted the Constitution, they gave Congress what is known as the “power of the purse.” If and when the Executive branch gets out of line, the Congress can rein them in by cutting off funding to the offending programs.

Boehner just teamed up with Democrats to pass a 2-year budget ensuring that as long as Obama is President, Congress will be next to powerless to stop him! They will no longer be able to use the budget as a tool to fight the administration.

Don’t let this surrender become permanent! Demand that the Senate vote AGAINST this 2-year budget!

Essentially, what Boehner has done is give the President a blank check and a promise that Congress will no longer hold the budget over him like a ‘weapon.’

Gun control… illegal alien amnesty… domestic spying… fraud, abuse, and targeting at the IRS… If this bill goes through, Congress will be powerless to stop any of it.

For God’s sake, only 79 Republicans actually voted for the budget deal. This new budget passed the House because every single Democrat voted for it. More than 67% of Republicans voted AGAINST it.

That’s not a budget deal. The GOP didn’t get a thing in this deal. If it were a deal, Republicans would actually have voted for it!

Now, the bill is on to the Senate floor where Mitch McConnell has promised to pass it as fast as possible. He is literally chomping at the bit to surrender just one last time to the Obama administration. McConnell is absolutely spineless.

These RINOs can’t surrender fast enough!

John Boehner’s last act as Speaker was to surrender again! Don’t let the Senate pass this horrible bill! Demand they vote NO!

If we allow the Senate to pass this legislation, then I regret to inform you that Congress will ne next to powerless to any of the tyranny that Obama dreams up in his last almost 2 years in office.

The RINOs in Congress don’t care that they have a Constitutional responsibility to oppose Executive tyranny. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have teamed up one last time to put an end to Congress’ power of the purse during the remainder of Obama’s term. They have agreed to fund everything Obama wants.

I will not stand silently and neither should you!

Don’t let John Boehner and Mitch McConnell surrender to Obama again! Demand that Congress vote AGAINST this new budget deal!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily