Dear Conservative,

It's a very simple question: Does John Boehner deserve to be re-elected as Speaker of the House?

Well, this simple question has a simple answer... NO!

John Boehner absolutely does not deserve to be re-elected as Speaker of the House. Just one look at his body of work proves that he is not the Conservative we need running the House of Representatives.

We may be eight months away from the next vote for Speaker of the House, but I have begun to hear rumors from sources within Capitol Hill that the Boehner camp has begun threatening Conservative Congressmen with serious punishments for anyone who breaks from the party and votes against Boehner. They are calling it the Tea Party crackdown.

While John Boehner is advancing amnesty legislation for illegal aliens, Conservatives are being pressured to accept this and to blindly follow Boehner's lead. While RINOs are backing away from promises to repeal Obamacare, we are told to just trust their "conservative" judgement...

The GOP is threatening that anyone who votes against John Boehner will be stripped of their committee assignments and cut off from GOP business. They will be ostracized and their legislation will be killed and never put up for a vote. Boehner is essentially threatening to cut off anyone who doesn't vote for him!

The GOP establishment is worried. In 2012, just twelve congressmen broke party lines and went against Speaker Boehner. The establishment just brushed it off and John Boehner was elected Speaker of the House with 200 votes. 2014 is going to be a different story... 

We aren't just talking about a dozen or so Congressmen anymore. There are many Conservatives in Congress who have become disillusioned with party leadership and are looking to make a change. They have seen RINOs like Boehner and Mitch McConnell drive their party into the ground. All they are waiting for is a spark. Many others are on the fence over whether Boehner and McConnell should be re-elected to party leadership positions.

The answer is clearly NO! These pushover RINOs shouldn't be re-elected to Congress, let alone party leadership positions! Yet, they have the rank and file Republicans terrified to break away and vote for someone else!

The country needs real Conservative leadership! This country needs brave patriots like you to stand up and force Congress to fire Speaker Boehner and Mitch McConnell!

Tell Congress that you DEMAND that they FIRE Speaker Boehner and replace him with a real Conservative!

Come November, it is highly likely that the Republicans will control both chambers of Congress. Do you really want Boehner and McConnell in charge of running 1/3 of the government? 

The country cannot afford to have these RINOs controlling Congress.

They'll say whatever they have to say in front of a camera to get your support, but you need to know that behind the scenes, they're stabbing you in the back.

John Boehner has so far held off on putting an immigration bill up for a vote. Why? Not because he doesn't agree with it politically, but because he wanted to make sure all of the RINOs in his party won their primaries before he has them commit political suicide by voting for amnesty.

Mitch McConnell has said that he will repeal Obamacare, yet when he was pressed on what he would replace it with, his alternative was functionally the same as Obamcare! He actually campaigned on a promise that even if Obamacare was repealed, states could keep their health insurance exchanges... The idiot doesn't even know how Obamacare works!

All across the board, Republicans are pretending to be Conservatives. Hell, even many Democrats pretend to be Conservatives when November comes along. That is because Conservatism is the dominant political ideology in this country. It may not seem like it -- the media does an excellent job trying to convince you otherwise -- but most Americans identify as Conservative.

It is about time that the American people get real Conservative leadership in Congress! The Tea Party put Boehner in power and since then, he has done nothing but try to squash the Conservative movement!

Members of Congress are itching for a leadership change, in both chambers. They don't want Boehner or McConnell in charge, but they know that if they break from the party line, they will be punished... Unless they succeed!

They need your support! The only way that these Congressmen will break away from their party is if they know they have the support of the people! 

Tell Congress that you DEMAND that they fire Speaker Boehner and replace him with a real Conservative!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily