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Over the past two years, gun control groups have focused on restricting gun rights at the state level since they got nowhere in Congress. Now, the Obama administration is trying to implement these gun control initiatives nationwide without going through Congress!

Two years ago, the State of New York passed a draconian piece of gun control legislation known as the SAFE Act. The banned commonly owned semi-automatic rifles, forced grandfathered owners to register them, created a mental health database of prohibited persons, and mandated background checks for all gun purchases/transfers. The result was the creation of one of the strictest gun control regimes in the country.

Well, today I am going to tell you another Second Amendment horror story from New York…

Donald Montgomery is a veteran living in New York State. He also owns a number of registered firearms.

A few months ago, he went into the hospital complaining of insomnia. After going through the stress of moving, Mr. Montgomery was having trouble sleeping. So, he wanted to see if there was something a doctor could prescribe that would help.

He was diagnosed with insomnia but doctors also wrongfully diagnosed him with depression. They told him to follow up with doctors if his condition didn’t improve. He was eventually admitted VOLUNTARILY for an overnight sleep study.

Then, the police came for his firearms. NY State Police Officers showed up at Mr. Montgomery’s door and demanded that he relinquish his firearms.

Because a hospital worker wrongly labeled Mr. Montgomery as being involuntarily admitted to the mental ward, he was automatically barred from owning a gun under NY law.

This is what the liberals want. They want to give doctors and bureaucrats the ability to disarm Americans at will and that’s exactly what Obama is trying to accomplish!

Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from unilaterally changing our gun laws!

Earlier this past year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) proposed a rule change that would significantly limit who would be allowed to own a gun.

The law is clear. Anyone who is “adjudicated as a mental defective” or “committed to a mental institution” is automatically disqualified from owning a gun. When the law was written in 1968, legislators wanted to make sure that deranged and crazy people were not able to purchase or obtain guns.

Being classified as mentally defective or being committed to a mental institution are both pretty big deals. It has to be to justify disenfranchising an individual of their Second Amendment rights. It is hard to meet these criteria.

Well, Obama’s ATF has proposed changing these definitions to include anyone with a mental or psychiatric condition at any point in their life. They want to change the definition of a prohibited person from a “mental defective” to “mentally unstable or irresponsible.”


That is NOT what the law says! The Obama administration and the ATF are changing the law to make it harder for people to get a gun and to allow the government to disarm more Americans.

Children diagnosed with ADD or adults suffering from things as simple as insomnia could be permanently disarmed under this proposed rule change. Just look at Donald Montgomery’s case. He had a stressful move and went to the hospital because he was having trouble sleeping. The next thing he knew, State Police Officers were knocking on his door demanding that he surrender his lawfully acquired weapons.

I thought medical records are supposed to be private, not shared across government agencies!

Soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan will be disarmed if they seek out mental health professionals. Heck, this is already happening. We hear all the time about a soldier or veteran who has been disarmed because they need help completing certain tasks, like paying bills.

You might remember that these changes were announced as an executive order last year. Well, in a year’s time, we’ve gone from this being just a proposal to the ATF formally filing it as a new regulation!

Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from unilaterally changing our gun laws!

As “common sense” as this change may seem at first glance, this is exactly the kind of executive order that we have always feared. Gun control always starts out with the Democrats saying that they only want felons and the mentally ill to be barred from owning guns. Once the gun control is passed, the Democrats then start to expand the law, using their power to pass new laws to make law-abiding citizens instant felons.

With this new rule change, President Obama has claimed the authority to determine who is allowed to own a gun and who is prohibited. It doesn't matter whether this clarification is "common sense,” the President simply doesn't have the authority to dictate who loses Constitutional rights. This is the most dangerous precedent of Obama’s presidency and one of the most threatening expansions of Executive power in history.

This is why the Founders included "shall not be infringed" in the Second Amendment. They knew a day would come when a tyrannical leader would try to dictate who is and who isn’t allowed to own weapons. I regret to inform you that the day the Founders feared has finally arrived.

People always challenge us to name one thing that Obama has done unconstitutionally. This is definitely one of them. Obama and the ATF have to be stopped!

This is EXACTLY why the Founding Fathers included the phrase “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment. Except the Founders aren’t around anymore to protect our natural rights… Only you can force Congress to STOP King Obama from illegally enacting gun control!

Tell Congress to STOP the Obama administration from unilaterally changing our gun laws!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily