“Already planning my attack if Romney becomes President.” – Twitter user

Twitter exploded after Tuesday night’s presidential debate, with followers using foul language and claiming if Obama loses, they will assassinate Romney because they don’t want him to take away their food stamps.

It is a chilling example of how the United States is falling apart and approaching a martial law environment. Obama supporters are militant and are threatening violence. The entire Obama administration has worked for four years to vacuum up every aspect of American life and put it under the control of the government.

Now, the time may have come for these plans to take effect, and within a few weeks you could see tanks rolling down the streets of your hometown. Look up above; you may already be able to catch a glimpse of a drone patrolling your area.

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As U.S. cities and states go bankrupt, the federal government is there to pick up the slack. There are many Executive Orders giving the government control over our infrastructure—and you can be sure if Obama remains President, there will be more to come:

Executive Order 10990 – allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

Executive Order 10995 – allows the government to seize and control the communication media. In addition, the FCC passed Net Neutrality, giving them control over internet activities, and President Obama is working on a cybersecurity Executive Order that will enable him to shut down any website he feels is a threat to national security.

Executive Order 10998 – allows the government total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

Executive Order 10999 – allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

The InfoWars website has put the martial law risk to SEVERE after learning that Marshals are being called in for inter-state training exercises; DHS is amassing millions of bullets and an arsenal of riot gear; predator and “information” drones are flying all over U.S. cities; and foreign troops are taking part in “training” exercises on American soil with our police, military and national guard forces.

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Of great concern is “Operation Vigilant Guard,” a series of training exercises that have taken place throughout the United States using both U.S. and foreign troops. Why is our government bringing foreign troops onto our soil and training them to confiscate weapons and react to U.S. crisis situations?

Well, let’s look at United Nations involvement. Article 15 of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty provides for foreign “assistance to implement the Treaty.” So, if U.S. troops become squeamish about violating our Constitutional rights and confiscating individual firearms, foreign troops can be called upon to do the dirty work because other countries don’t give a hoot about our freedoms and neither does the United Nations.

InfoWars reports, “Operation Vigilant Guard reveals the on-going effort to not only destroy Posse Comitatus — once upon a time designed to prevent the military from working with state and local law enforcement — but the globalist effort to incorporate foreign “partners” into any future effort to impose martial law and gun confiscation in response not only to hurricanes but a contrived terrorist event. This is the final phase in the DDCN Doctrine of Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization, ready for …a totalitarian One World Government regime.”

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Obama has not honored our Constitution from day one of his presidency. He is continually chipping away at our independence. Maybe it is because he is putting everything in place for the execution of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which he signed on New Year’s Eve last year.

The NDAA gives the President the right to detain American citizens anywhere in the world, without cause, and without trial for an indefinite period of time. This should worry every American, but especially conservatives, who have been called out by this administration’s Homeland Security department as being terrorists because they are against big government and abortions and are supportive of Second Amendment rights.

The enemy has been established, and it’s you.

During the past four years, Obama has worked diligently to disarm Americans by weakening the Second Amendment. He launched the illegal operation “Fast and Furious” to make his case against weapons, and he has worked with the United Nations to get the Small Arms Treaty passed.

Now, his Department of Homeland Security is busy amassing weapons and they are repeatedly vague about the reason. He has taken away the hope of Americans by ruining the economy and shattering the economic dreams of millions of families. During all this pain and suffering he opens his arms and says, “come to me…allow the U.S. government to take care of you.” But we would be wise to remember the words of Ronald Reagan who said, “The kind of government that is strong enough to give you everything you need is also strong enough to take away everything that you have.”

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This is scary stuff and it seems crazy; but considers all the factors beginning to take shape. And think back to the last time you heard about any of these things taking place. You didn’t hear about it through the mainstream media, and if a media outlet did end up having to address it, you certainly didn’t get a straight answer back from officials. It is all very shady and very disturbing.

This election is one of the most important ever. We have to vote in candidates who believe in our Constitution and are willing to do the right thing and abide by its principles and laws. Democrat, Republican or Independent, it does not matter what Party they identify with. And those already in Congress need to be reminded that We the People are watching them and we will hold them accountable to defending our liberties.

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily