Fellow Conservative,

We learned this week that the IRS just discovered 6,400 hundred of Lois Lerner’s work emails.

But they won’t be turned over to the courts or to Congressional investigators because – and this might be the worst excuse ever – they might be duplicates.

Chances are, you responded to this the same way I did, by saying, “what?!”

These are 6,400 emails that were thought to be destroyed. Out of the blue, the Obama administration found them. But, instead of handing them over immediately, the IRS is withholding them to make sure there aren’t any duplicates.

Instead, the IRS and DOJ are going to scrub the emails. If they don’t want Congress or the American people to see something, they can just say an email was deleted because it was a “duplicate.”

It’s been more two years and no one has been arrested! Demand that Congress punish the IRS for targeting Conservative political organizations!

Here’s the kicker: these emails have already been checked for duplicates. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration has already gone through them and removed all the duplicates.

The Obama administration is stalling. They’re trying to run out the clock and double-check to make sure there isn’t anything incriminating in these emails.

But here’s the problem… these emails were found through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Congress has been “working on this” for almost two years. How is it that a private citizen is able to accomplish more than Congressional committees?

I’ll tell you. Congress is doing the minimal amount of work necessary to claim it is “doing something.”

No one has been thrown in jail… No one has been prosecuted…

For goodness sake, Lois Lerner is still collecting a pension and living comfortably in her DC-suburb home!

This is unacceptable. This wasn’t the work of a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. It was a concerted effort from the top to the bottom to stop Conservatives from participating in a Presidential election. This was sinister abuse of power.

This latest withholding of documents is just more of the same.

What we CANNOT afford is more of the same from Congress. We cannot afford to have Congress do nothing about this latest attempt to hide the truth.

No more kid gloves. Tell Congress it’s time to arrest Lois Lerner and everyone else responsible for targeting Conservatives!

Congress must act! They must start arresting these criminals and hold them accountable!

On this day, 43 years ago, five men were arrested ‘burglarizing’ the Democrat Party headquarters at the Watergate Complex. What started as just a burglary developed into the biggest political scandal in American history, forcing a sitting President to resign.

What happened at the IRS is 10x worse than Watergate. It was a concerted effort by government officials to swing an election. Yet today, two years later, there is still nothing being done. No one arrested. No one is in prison. There isn’t even a high-profile active investigation.

That ends today.

Raise your voice and FORCE Congress to take off the kid gloves and punish Lois Lerner and all those responsible for the IRS scandal!

Tired of the same-old, same-old,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily