Dear Conservative,

As we recently witnessed, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pushed through the 'Nuclear Option' in the Senate, meaning that most political appointees can now be confirmed with just 51 votes (a simple majority).

We’ve heard Democrats say that there is no reason why it should have to take 60 votes to pass something in a "Democracy."

That would make sense... But the United States isn't a Democracy, it's a Republic.

Yet another TRANSFORMATION to how our government operates. Democracies are based on the premise that the majority opinions always prevail. In an actual Democracy, it only takes 50% to agree with something in order for it to pass.

Our government is a Democratic Republic. The difference is that while a Democracy has the capacity to devolve into mob rule. Republics ensure that all opinions are fully represented.

Our Founding Fathers recognized the inherent dangers in a pure democracy!

Our liberty and natural rights are NOT up for debate, and especially not up for a simple majority vote!

FAX CONGRESS: Tell them not to pass a single bill until the Democrats change the Senate filibuster rules back!

While the Founders were well acquainted with the dangers of executive tyranny (i.e. monarchy or dictatorship), they were equally worried about the "tyranny of the majority." That is the idea that 51% of the people could 'legally' violate the rights of the other 49% simply because they have a majority.

Our government and the Senate today would be unrecognizable to the Founders. The 60-vote for quorum (the parliamentary motion to end debate on a measure) was deliberately designed by Alexander Hamilton to ensure that proposed laws and judicial and governmental nominees were relatively moderate and representative of the country at large, not just a powerful faction's interests. 

The assumption is that it is incredibly difficult for one political party, faction, or interest group to control 60 or more Senate seats and this, theoretically, would ensure that the extremist nominees would be weeded out.

The Progressives and the Establishment now have the opportunity to pass whatever they want, without having to compromise with the “Conservative minority party”.

We are now forced to live with the consequences of factionalism and Democrat rule. Obama now gets to rule unilaterally!

Harry Reid remarked that changing the Senate rules was absolutely necessary "before the institution becomes obsolete." Apparently, anything short of a complete progressive control of the federal government is considered a failure...


So we've heard all the sound-bytes that show how utterly hypocritical Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and the Democrats are to support this rule change. Every single one of them are on record proclaiming in 2005 that to abolish the 60-vote threshold in the Senate would bring about an end to representative government.

They are trying to bring about an end to Republicanism!

The first order of business for Harry Reid and Obama is to ensure that Progressives have complete control of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (known affectionately as a Death Panel).

Anything short of complete control would stop the Democrats from rationing healthcare and redistributing the wealth!

With the rules of the Senate changed, there is no stopping Obama and the Democrats from packing the courts with filling the Obamacare death panels with Socialist bureaucrats who want to ration your healthcare!

We know that bureaucracy shouldn't decide our healthcare decisions. This nuclear option gives this power to unelected bureaucrats, how can anyone actually suggest that only one party should be allowed to decide who sits on the panel?

This is an abomination that surely has the Founding Fathers rolling around in their graves. But they can't smack any sense into Congress... Only you can!

FAX CONGRESS: Tell them to change the Senate filibuster rules back!

We must tell Congress that abandoning our Republican government is unacceptable. The Founders worked hard to try to reduce the likelihood that one party would control all branches of government and infringe on the rights of the minority.

Unfortunately, all of these precautions were not enough to stop Obama and the Progressives from redistributing the country's wealth.

In case Congress hasn't been listening, the American people have had enough of one-party governance. Be the voice of Republicanism! Draw your line in the sand! Not one step further!

Thank you for your continued fight for our freedom.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily