Dear Conservative,

I am tired of hearing about how the illegal aliens coming to this country have “rights.”

Obviously, there are certain rights that they, as human beings, possess. They have a right to life and the right to be treated humanely.

But I am hearing a lot of Democrat politicians listing “rights” that these illegals allegedly have, and they are complete nonsense.

Illegal aliens don’t have a “right” to violate our immigration laws. They don’t have a “right” to leech off the system and steal money and benefits from American taxpayers. They don’t have a “right” to steal jobs from American workers. And they don’t have a “right” to become American citizens just because they are here!

The only people who are having their rights violated are American citizens!

We have a President who is drafting an executive order to grant amnesty to millions of CRIMINALS. That’s what they are. They broke numerous laws when they illegal entered the United States.

We have an administration that is providing taxpayer-funded attorneys to illegal aliens so they can fight their deportations.

We have a Congress that not only is pushing for amnesty but also is turning a blind eye to Obama’s treason.

Polls have come out suggesting that only 1/3 of American support impeaching Barack Obama. That number is ridiculously low, and everyone knows it.

As long as Barack Hussein Obama sits at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, the Constitution will remain nothing but a set of suggestions for the President to trample upon!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to IMPEACH Barack H. Obama for his role in surrendering the country to illegal aliens!

We have been calling for impeachment for months, if not years. Nowadays, everyone is talking about impeachment.

Recently, however, we have taken a different approach regarding the illegal immigration issue. You and other likeminded patriots have bombarded Congress with tens of thousands of faxes demanding that they stop the White House’s amnesty push.

But, no matter what Congress does or threatens, nothing will stop Obama from violating the Constitution and handing out amnesty. Obama fancies himself a king.

And the White House realizes that when Obama announces his amnesty executive order, he will likely be impeached. The Democrats also realize this and they are using impeachment as a fundraising ploy.

The only people who don’t seem to understand the need for impeachment are the Republicans!

John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama is nothing but political posturing during an election year. The Congress does not have the legal authority to sue the executive branch. That is a simple fact and John Boehner knows that. And when the courts dismiss the lawsuit, John Boehner and the other RINOs in government will turn to you and say, “We tried.”

That’s unacceptable! I am not looking for Congress to “try” to stop Obama’s tyranny. I’m looking for them to put on their big-boy pants and impeach this clown!

Seriously… I am done asking nicely…

Any President who proudly proclaims he will sidestep Congress to implement amnesty is no President of mine…

We the People need to wake up and realize that we have but one mechanism to stop Obama’s tyranny. It isn’t a lawsuit… it is impeachment and it always has been impeachment!

Barack H. Obama should have been impeached dozens of times already

He has unlawfully altered the text of the Affordable Care Act. He has unlawfully used his executive order to grant amnesty for illegal alien children (so-called DREAMERs). He has presided over such out-of-control government agencies as the DOJ and IRS, which have violated the rights of Obama’s opponents. He has abused his executive privilege to hamper multiple Congressional investigations.

He has attempted to curb your First Amendment rights by using the IRS and FEC to regulate political speech. He has repeatedly attempted to violate your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Barack Obama has declared himself the judge, jury, and executioner in punishing Americans merely suspected of being terrorists.

Not a day goes by without the Obama administration doing something worthy of impeachment!

And now, we come to amnesty. Barack Obama has promised to grant amnesty to the millions of illegals in the country, and now that Congress has refused to vote on his immigration bill, Obama has promised to implement this amnesty by executive fiat.

The time for telling Obama to stop is over. President Obama will not yield until he has secured millions of new voters for the Democrat party!

I don’t call for impeachment lightly. Impeachment must always be a last-resort. However, when a President so brazenly uses executive orders to overrule or sidestep Congress, there can be no option other than impeachment!

Even if Obama is acquitted, impeachment will give notice to the Obama administration that this type of lawlessness will not be tolerated!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to IMPEACH Barack H. Obama for his role in surrendering the country to illegal aliens!

I’m so ready to impeach this clown!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily