Fellow Conservative,

When Congress passed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act a little over a week ago, it included a provision that prevents Obama from closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Congress has stipulated that Obama cannot bring these terrorists onto US soil and has put measures in place to make it next to impossible to move them anywhere else.

This is a law that passed the Senate with more than 90 votes and the House with 370 votes.

Yet, President Obama has yet to sign the measures. Why? Because he is trying to run out the clock.

While the world focused on ISIS and the Paris attacks, Obama released five more Al Qaeda terrorists from prison. What a surprise, right?

One of them happened to be one of Bin Laden's former bodyguards and the most recent intelligence estimates stated that if he was to be released, he would go back to targeting Americans.

But Obama doesn't care. Whatever it takes to further his politically correct agenda!

Yes, what Obama is doing is impeachable! Tell Congress to STOP him from releasing any more Guantanamo prisoners!

Never in all my days have I seen a President so deliberately violate a Congressional order.

Congress has passed laws prohibiting prisoner transfers not once, not twice, but THREE times. And still, Obama ignores the law and transfers these terrorists anyway.

Honestly, what is wrong with Barack Obama? Why does he value the rights of terrorists so much more than the rights of Americans?

He wants to bring terrorists here with absolutely no questions asked and the ones that we’ve actually caught and imprisoned, he wants to send back.

What a joke.

But truly, this isn’t a joke. Every move this President makes puts American lives in danger. Every decision puts our national security at risk.

What has Congress done? They’ve passed a number of laws all designed to prevent the President from moving these imprisoned terrorists. And these laws haven’t done a thing.

Barack Obama does not believe he is bound by the law. At every turn, he has used executive orders to sidestep Congress entirely.

There is only one move that Congress can make. When a President of the United States breaks the law as many times as Obama has, the only tool left at their disposal is impeachment.

No one wants to use the I-word, but there are no other words left to use. All other attempts have failed. This is the one and only mechanism that the Founders gave us to deal with this unconstitutionality and it is long past time to put this back on the table!

Impeachment is all that is left! FaxBlast Congress demanding that they stop Obama's Guantanamo prisoner releases once and for all!

Do you want these hardened jihadists in your back yard? Do you want them back on the battlefield killing American soldiers?

Because if you don’t raise your voice right now and DEMAND that Congress fight this, then it will be too late.

Yes, impeachment is on the table. Regardless of political party, if the President of the United States openly violates the law, then impeachment must always be on the table.

We’re not going to run away from the i-word. The Constitution dictates that impeachment is the mechanism to punish a President for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Breaking the law to move hardened terrorist prisoners onto U.S. soil constitutes a “high crime.” Violating the law and moving terrorists to Middle East countries with next to no security in place constitutes a "high crime." Period.

Impeachment now! Obama defied Congress and released Guantanamo prisoners anyway! Tell Congress to stop him right now!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily