Dear Conservative,

The border needs to be secured immediately! The President and his allies in Congress are claiming that the border is secure, but they are lying right to your face!

We have criminals who are crossing our border and preying on American citizens on a daily basis.

Yesterday, we received news that two illegal aliens had murdered a border patrol agent.

Border Patrol Agent Rob Javier Vega, Jr. was gunned down in cold blood by Gustavo Tijerina and Ismael Hernandez, two illegal alien thugs with cartel connections.

The minute the news broke, liberals tried to distance their agenda from the tragedy. Liberal commentators suggested that the current border surge is unconnected to this tragedy and some people even suggested that this was just one example of the risks associated with being a border patrol agent…

There’s just one problem with this logic: Mr. Vega wasn’t killed when he was on duty… he was killed while he was on a fishing trip with his family.

So yes, on the one hand, this is a tragic killing of a Border Patrol agent. But on the other hand, this could have happened to anyone who was at that fishing hole!

We are having hardened criminals cross our border every day. And they aren’t coming here to give us hugs and kisses… they are coming to this country so they can prey on Americans!

Enough is enough! Tell Congress to CLOSE the border and stop these illegal alien criminals from killing Americans!

Do you know what the sad part is? Gustavo Tijerina and Ismael Hernandez are repeat offenders. Between the two of them, they had been deported a six times!

That’s right… Gustavo Tijerina had been caught by police and deported FOUR TIMES. Each time, he turned right back around and snuck back into the United States. His partner-in-crime was also deported two times, but that didn’t stop him from coming back, either.

And now, because the southern border is wide open, a Border Patrol agent was shot dead right in front of his family. He was just enjoying time with his extended family at a favorite fishing hole when these two illegal aliens tried to rob him.

Like any other trained law enforcement officer, Officer Vega resisted and ultimately returned fire. When he was struck with what would be the fatal bullet, he turned to his father and spoke his final words: “keep firing, dad.”

Police ultimately caught up to the murderers, but not before this off-duty Border Patrol agent died in his family’s arms.

This is what happens when you have a porous border! But more importantly, this is what happens when you have a Congress and President that is more interested in getting home in time for vacation!

We have been waiting for DECADES for Congress to secure the border once and for all.

A little over a week ago, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama all declared that the “border is secure.”

Well here’s a question: If the border is so damn secure, why is Javier Vega, Jr dead?

If the border is secure, how were Gustavo Tijerina and Ismael Hernandez able to sneak back into the country after being deported six times?

Congress thinks we are stupid! They think that we will just sit back and watch as their inaction literally kills people!

I for one am NOT just going to sit idly by while Congress facilitates and enables these illegals breaking into the country!

The border needs to be secured NOW, and if Congress refuses to do what is necessary, We the People need to make sure they understand that their days on Capitol Hill are numbered!

I am begging you. Don’t let Agent Vega die in vain. Let this horrible tragedy be the catalyst we need to force Congress to close and secure the border!

Tell Congress that if they don’t close and secure the border, you will replace them with someone who will!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily