Fellow Conservative,

How long are we going to let this happen? Honestly… How many more illegal alien murders are we going to stomach before we put a stop to it entirely?

I’ve had a lot of conversations with Liberals who argue that these vicious murders committed by illegal aliens shouldn’t have a bearing on our immigration laws. They tell me the murders are statistically insignificant. I wonder if they would say that to the families Kate Steinle or Marilyn Pharis – the 64 year old Air Force Veteran raped and beaten with a hammer by an illegal alien.

Perhaps you believe these murders and violent crimes are just statistical anomalies. So let’s look at the statistics… We’ll take the time between 2008 and 2014.

In that timeframe, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal illegal aliens. Does that sound like an insignificant statistic?

If you add up all the murder convictions in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and New York over the same timeframe, 38% them were illegal aliens. For those keeping score at home, illegal aliens are only 5.6% of the population in those states. Those aren't my numbers, by the way. They are straight from the Government Accountability Office.

How many more Americans need to die? Raise your voice and DEMAND that Congress pass Kate’s Law and kick illegal alien criminals out of the country!

Mind you, these statistics are for murder convictions. These numbers do not include rapes, manslaughter, drunk driving killings, and other violent crimes.

Kate’s Law is common sense. If an illegal alien is deported, he or she would get a mandatory 5-year prison sentence if caught re-entering the country. The illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle in broad daylight was deported FIVE times previously. If Kate’s Law were in effect, this horrible tragedy would have been avoided.

But that’s only part of the solution to this illegal alien crime wave. You also have to deal with the illegal alien murderers who are already here.

As I mentioned, Marilyn Pharis was a 64-year old Air Force vet who was brutally raped and murdered by an illegal alien named Victor Martinez. He and another man broke into her home, raped her, and then viciously beat her with a hammer. Marilyn Pharis died a week later from her wounds. Now, this scumbag’s lawyer is arguing that his client can’t get a fair trial because America ‘hates immigrants.’

When I read this, I almost spit up my coffee. We don’t hate immigrants. I’d venture to say that most, if not all of us, are descendants of immigrants. The difference is that they came here legally.

If an illegal alien rapes and murders a veteran, I don’t care if he doesn’t think he can get a fair trial. Victor Martinez has no right to even be in this country.

Democrats think otherwise. Even with all the statistics proving that we are in the midst of an illegal alien crime wave, the Left still is giving them sanctuary.

Last year, in a completely different incident, the Feds asked Santa Barbara Police to hold Victor Martinez. He was being charged with felony assault with intent to commit sexual assault. Instead of holding him, local prosecutors reviewed the case and chose to charge him with a misdemeanor instead, which allowed the city to release him.

This is what happens when Sanctuary Cities are allowed to subvert Federal immigration laws.

Don’t let any more innocent Americans die! Click to DEMAND that Congress defund Sanctuary Cities and pass Kate’s Law!

This is all just so disgusting. Every day, we learn of another illegal alien being charged with a violent felony. These illegals aren’t just victimizing other illegals. They are going after Americans.

How many more Americans need to be shot in broad daylight or raped and beaten in their homes before the people rise up and demand action?

My answer to you is “not one more.” No one else needs to die. No one else has to have their life upended by violent illegal aliens.

The legislation has already been introduced. The votes are there to pass Kate’s Law and likely enough to defund Sanctuary Cities.

Boehner and McConnell are held up the vote on these common sense fixes. While they wait, more Americans die at the hands of these illegal aliens.

You MUST force Congress to go around these RINOs and hold a vote on this legislation anyway!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily