Dear Conservative,

When it comes to the unconstitutionality of the Obama White House, all roads lead to Attorney General Eric Holder.

There is now a growing movement within the House of Representatives to impeach Eric Holder.

Yes, Congress can impeach a cabinet official. A cabinet member hasn't been impeached since 1876 when Congress impeached Secretary of War William W. Belknap for graft (political corruption). Yes, it is extremely rare to impeach a sitting cabinet member, but it is entirely constitutional!

It makes sense, in a lot of ways. If Congress is given the authority to approve cabinet nominations, it is only logical that the legislative body should have control over deciding when high crimes and misdemeanors make it impossible for someone to effectively do their job.

And boy, does Eric Holder have a long list of "high crimes and misdemeanors!"

As you might remember, Articles of Impeachment were filed in Congress against Eric Holder late last year. By now, they are extremely out of date. Any one of these crimes should be enough to impeach Eric Holder and it is absolutely imperative that we force our Representatives and Senators to support this measure!

Dozens of Republicans have so far signed a discharge petition to force a vote on Articles of Impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder!

Tell Congress that it MUST impeach Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors committed against the American People!

These are his crimes (in no particular order):

1. Eric Holder approved Pres. Obama's decision to trade for Bowe Bergdahl without notifying Congress. The law is clear. According to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013, any high level prisoner swap/release must be submitted to Congress for examination at least 30-days in advance. Obama broke this law, on Holder's suggestion, when he gave away five high-level Taliban commanders in exchange for one deserter who left his post to seek out the enemy.

2. Eric Holder lied under oath when he claimed to have no knowledge of the illegal investigation into FoxNews Reporter James Rosen. The DOJ instructed the FBI to wiretap Mr. Rosen's phones and Eric Holder said under oath that he had nothing to do with that. It turns out, that Eric Holder himself signed off on the subpoenas. Committing perjury before Congress is a crime worthy of impeachment!

3. Eric Holder presided over Operation Fast and Furious, allowing Mexican drug cartels to traffic firearms into Mexico without any oversight. The DOJ forced local gun stores to process purchases without running background checks. The Mexican cartels were then allowed to sneak the guns into Mexico and Eric Holder did nothing to stop them. As a result, hundreds, if not thousands, of Mexican citizens and multiple Americans have been gunned down by firearms that NEVER should have been allowed to cross the border. Now, these firearms have been found IN the United States, suggesting that Eric Holder's gun running operation has actually ended up arming American gangs as well!

3b. When ordered by Congress to relinquish documents surrounding Operation Fast and Furious, Eric Holder ignored the subpoena and got President Obama to protect him under executive privilege. This led the House of Representatives to hold Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress. However, since Eric Holder would be in charge of prosecuting himself, it's not surprising that nothing has happened since then...

4. Eric Holder has refused to prosecute Lois Lerner for her role in the targeting of Conservative non-profit groups leading up to the 2012 election. This one is rather simple. Congress has held Lois Lerner in contempt. It's the Justice Department's job to prosecute her on that charge. But Eric Holder refuses to do that, because emails show that his Justice Department communicated with Lois Lerner in planning to prosecute the very groups she was targeting!

5. Eric Holder has repeatedly refused to defend U.S. laws before the Supreme Court. This one is also rather simple. When Congress passes a law, it is the Executive Branch's responsibility to enforce that law and, if necessary, defend it before the Supreme Court. Eric Holder's refusal to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, for example, proves that he has violated his oath by picking and choosing which laws to defend and which to allow to be overturned.

Tell Congress that it MUST impeach Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors committed against the American People!

6. Eric Holder has tried to prosecute Americans under international law. Luckily, the Supreme Court smacked the Justice Department down. However, the fact remains that Eric Holder defended the decision to prosecute a jealous lover under the U.N. Chemical Weapons Treaty when she tried to poison her husband's mistress. Any Attorney General who supports international law over the U.S. Constitution is not fit for duty!

7. Eric Holder's Justice Department drafted the legal strategy that justified Obama's drone strikes against U.S. citizens. Regardless of the crimes alleged to have been committed, American citizens have a right to due process. The Executive Branch does not have the authority to execute U.S. citizens with Hellfire Missiles, but Eric Holder believes that is completely constitutional!

8. Eric Holder has used extortion to force banks and credit card companies to stop doing business with legal gun stores. This is an attempt to limit how individuals can pay for firearms and make it more difficult and expensive for these gun dealers to make payroll and pay the bills!

9. Eric Holder has initiated programs to allow illegal aliens crossing the border to receive amnesty. The DOJ started this program weeks ago to provide free lawyers to those illegal aliens held in detention centers in the southwest United States. Now, the lawyers representing these criminals believe that most, if not all, will be able to receive amnesty or asylum. What Eric Holder is doing is TREASONOUS! Not only is he disregarding the law by transporting theses illegals across state lines, but Eric Holder is also providing these illegal aliens with attorneys to get them approved for amnesty!

There is no clear definition of what "high crimes" or "misdemeanors" are. The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats have claimed that Eric Holder cannot be accused of breaking a law that isn't clearly written out.

Really? Eric Holder didn't realize it was illegal to give guns to Mexican drug cartels? He didn't know it was illegal to refuse to comply with a Congressional subpoena?

Give me a break! Eric Holder must be impeached!

Luckily, Congressional Republicans have begun gathering signatures for a discharge petition. Speaker John Boehner has so far refused to put these Articles of Impeachment up for a vote. But with a discharge petition, if the Republicans can gather enough signatures, then they can force Boehner to hold a floor vote!

It is absolutely imperative that we force EVERY one of our representatives and senators to get behind this!

Eric Holder is a criminal and as long as he is left in charge of the Department of Justice, then true justice will remain just out of reach...

Do you know what Eric Holder did before becoming the Attorney General? He worked for a law firm that specialized in representing terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay!

He never should have been approved in the first place. Now is our chance to right that wrong!

This is our chance to get rid of Eric Holder once and for all!

I implore you to fax your Congressman and Senators and DEMAND that they sign the discharge petition to impeach Eric Holder!

So ready to get rid of this criminal,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily