Fellow Conservative,

Another day waking up to a horrible terror attack.

Omar Saddiqui Mateen went into an Orlando nightclub and opened fire. The latest reports say that 50 people were killed and 53 were wounded.

Omar Mateen took around 30 hostages as well, but police were able to distract the terrorist with an explosion in order to save them before he executed them.

Oh, and what a surprise, the FBI suspects that Radical Islamic Terrorism is involved.

You won’t hear that phrase from the White House, though. They’ll call the Orlando attack a “manmade disaster” before they admit that Radical Islamic Terror was to blame.

Mateen is a US citizen. His parents emigrated from Afghanistan into this country. He was radicalized here in the United States.

But what about all the radicals that Obama is bringing into the country?

President Obama is now bringing in 100 unvetted Syrian refugees into the country now every single day. No background checks, no data from the Syrian government, and because ISIS controls many of the government printing offices, there’s no guarantee that the passports they have are even real…

This has to stop!

Obama’s political correctness is putting our national security at risk! Quick, force Congress to intervene and STOP President Obama from letting in 100 unvetted refugees everyday!

Of the last 4,700 that came into the country, only 10 of them have been Syrian Christians.

It’s absolute madness. 30% of Syrian refugees have been found to sympathize with ISIS. 13% of them – of 1 in 7 – flat-out support the Islamic State.

And we’re bringing them into the country, no-questions-asked.

The FBI has said that it takes upwards of two years to process and vet just one refugee application. Obama has essentially said, ‘to hell with that,’ and ordered the intelligence establishment to cut that down to just 3-months.

You can’t fully vet a Syrian refugee, with no real paperwork, in just 3-months.

It only takes one terrorist to slip through. Every Syrian refugee that comes in without being vetted carries the potential for another Orlando-style attack.

Obama is putting his political correctness over our national security and it is despicable.

Right now there are a number of bills in Congress that could put a stop to this. Last year, the House of Representatives passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act, a bill that would require Obama to perform certified background checks in-triplicate on Syrian refugees.

There’s also HR1568, The Protecting Religious Minorities Persecuted by ISIS Act. This bill would require that the Federal government prioritize Christians and other persecuted religious minorities for resettlement here in the United States.

There’s also a similar bill, The Religious Persecution Relief Act of 2016, which would also force Obama to admit bonafide Syrian genocide victims before anyone else.

Whichever Congress passes, the fact is they have to pass something!

100 Syrian refugees. That’s the number of refugees that Obama is bringing into the country now every day.

This has to stop! Please, get loud and DEMAND that Congress intervene and stop Obama from bringing 100 refugees into the country every day without any background checks!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily