Dear Conservative,

Believe it or not, Congress is running out of time to pass legislation during the remainder of this session. While they technically have until the end of this year/term, since this is an election year, the window for substantive legislation to be passed is much shorter. The closer we get to November, the less likely these Congressmen and Senators will be to pass any sort of controversial legislation.

Harry Reid has given the Republicans an ultimatum: either John Boehner puts an amnesty bill up for a vote in the House or Barack Obama will use an executive order to stop deportations all together!

This gives Boehner just days to decide what he is going to do. But more importantly, YOU have only days to explain to Boehner, Reid, and the rest of the Congress that both options are completely unacceptable and that these actions would be treasonous and impeachable!

Tell Congress that the country will not be held ransom by the Left! No amnesty for illegals and if Obama signs an executive order, IMPEACH him!

This is the ultimatum that Harry Reid has given us. Either violate our deepest principles and pass a bill to give amnesty to illegal aliens, no questions asked... Or, we get to sit and watch Barack Obama sign another executive order, granting illegals a pathway to citizenship while stomping on the constitution.

"At the end of six weeks, if something hasn’t been done, then there’s gonna have to be a move made," Reid told reporters, "and it's too bad we have to do that. We all know things can be done administratively, but it’s better to change the law.”

Reid has given Boehner until the end of the summer to comply with this threat. However, with the way that the Congressional schedule is, if the bill doesn't start its way through committee now, it will never reach the floor on time. That means that the decision on immigration reform will be made ANY DAY!

I warned you back in January that the GOP was waiting until after the party primaries before they brought immigration up for a vote. Now, with many incumbents safe from their tea party challengers, immigration is back on the table because they know you can't knock them off the ballot anymore!

Our response to this threat is rather simple to follow, even for a career politician...

If Boehner goes along with Reid's ultimatum and passes an amnesty bill, that is the end of the Republican Party. We need to let these RINOs know in no uncertain terms that a vote for an amnesty bill means the end of their political careers. PERIOD! Surrendering to this pressure is unacceptable and our legislators need to understand that when Republicans and Democrats are indistinguishable (which they mostly are) We the People won't vote for either!

But if Boehner and the Republicans stand tall and refuse to pass an amnesty bill, and Barack Obama uses an executive order to legalize these criminals, Congress must start impeachment proceedings immediately! The fact that Obama is even threatening to circumvent congress and grant amnesty/citizenship to illegals on his own is impeachable! I'm tired of hearing political pundits claim that impeachment is off the table. If Barack H. Obama uses his "pen and phone" to essentially abolish our immigration system, him and his family must be forcibly removed from the White House!

Tell Congress that the country will not be held ransom by the Left! No amnesty for illegals and if Obama signs an executive order, IMPEACH him!

They say that the United States does not negotiate with terrorists... Well, since Harry Reid is so comfortable throwing that term around against his political opponents, his ultimatum is nothing but a case of domestic terrorism. There, I said it!

To threaten Republicans with an unconstitutional executive order is beyond insulting. Why? Well, it assumes two things. First, Reid assumes that the GOP will go against its own voters, which hopefully will not happen. But secondly, the Democrats are assuming that Conservatives don't have the backbone to impeach the President if he signs an illegal immigration/amnesty executive order!

We need to make sure that both parties understand that both options in this ultimatum are unacceptable and pushing amnesty will mean the end of their political careers.

The Democrats have given the Republicans just a few weeks until the President violates the Constitution and gives out amnesty. They are hoping the Republicans cave and they are counting on the fact that they are too weak to do anything about it!

We must prove to them otherwise!

Tell Congress that the country will not be held ransom by the Left! No amnesty for illegals and if Obama signs an executive order, IMPEACH him!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily