Dear Conservative,

As you have probably heard, George Zimmerman was arrested again on Monday in Florida on gun charges. At this point, it is impossible to comment on the merits of the case but one thing is certain: another gun control push is sure to follow.

What percentage of law abiding gun owners do you think commit violent crimes?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s pretty close to zero. We all know that Second Amendment supporters contribute little, if any, to the violent crime rate. Those who possess firearms for self-defense, hunting, sport and collecting are not threats.

The real threats lie in those who illegally possess weapons for the sole purpose of committing a crime! 

By now you’ve probably heard the Democrat’s mantra that the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” This popular phrase is trotted out every time the Democratic Party proposes new progressive programs.

However when it comes to gun control, the Democrats reverse this logic. Gun control advocates argue that the crimes of the FEW outweigh the needs of the many. This is why when a psychopath shoots up a school or a movie theater, the first thing the Democrats propose is to disarm EVERYBODY!

You and I had nothing to do with these tragedies but it’ now our Constitutional rights being put on the chopping block anyway.

Tell Congress to keep their hands off of the Second Amendment. Remind them: The People have individual rights and the Right to Self-Defense!

Millions of Americans use semi-automatic firearms and standard capacity magazines every day for lawful purposes. However when a few deranged individuals use these tools to commit a crime, we are told that these modern sporting rifles have no legitimate civilian purposes.

You have joined the effort to push back against Draconian gun control laws in the past, effectively putting an end to Federal legislation.

Today, we face another growing threat to our ability to defend ourselves.

When George Zimmerman was arrested last year, Gun Control advocates pounced on the opportunity to denounce Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law for promoting vigilantism. We were told by race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton, that these types of laws are nothing but veiled racism, allowing white people to murder African-Americans with impunity.

But that is not what Stand Your Ground is about all.

Stand Your Ground laws are essentially an extension of Castle Doctrine beyond the confines of one’s home. Castle Doctrine holds that any threat of death or bodily injury within the home can be met with deadly force. Stand Your Ground takes this principle and applies it to the area beyond your property line. If you are attacked in public, and fear for your life, Stand Your Ground allows you to defend yourself without fear of criminal prosecution.

There is nothing racist about it!

If it was, why would then-State Senator Barack Obama co-sponsor legislation in Illinois in 2004 to expand the law to legally protect those who act in self-defense?

With the news of George Zimmerman being arrested again in Florida for a domestic violence incident, you can be sure that the gun control advocates will be out in full swing pushing for more gun control and a repeal of Stand Your Ground laws. You’ll hear, “I told you so” from the progressives in order to influence the uneducated citizen that wants to do the right thing!

Tell Congress to keep their hands off of the Second Amendment and the Right to Self-Defense!


There are essentially three ways to enact gun control. 1) Ban the weapon, 2) restrict access to the ammunition, or 3) prohibit the use of the weapon.

Now we face an grave threat:  The Democrats have admitted that abolishing Stand Your Ground is one of their legislative priorities.

That’s why they brought Trayvon Martin’s family to Washington to testify against Stand Your Ground in front of a Senate committee earlier this month.

If left unchecked, Democrats in Congress would outlaw self-defense. Yes, you heard that correctly. If given the power, not only would Democrats restrict what types of weapons you would be allowed to own, but they also would limit the circumstances in which you are allowed to defend yourself.

With this latest development, Democrats continue to show their true colors: They do not believe that a right to self-defense exists outside of the home! Even though there isn’t a single part of the Bill of Rights that clarifies WHERE a right exists, gun control advocates continue to assert that the Second Amendment only applies inside.

We are law abiding Americans and we support gun ownership for lawful purposes. The Democrats say the same, except they want to redefine what constitutes a lawful purpose! The Supreme Court has ruled that owning and using a firearm for self-defense is a protected, Constitutional right.

President Obama and Democrat lawmakers believe that self-defense is apparently racist! At least that is the only defense they have on real debate, call your adversary a racist and the conversation gets shut down.

We must remind our elected officials that the Second Amendment, along with our inherent right to protect our families, is not up for debate!

The mainstream media is already jumping on the George Zimmerman developments as a chance to push for more gun control. We cannot afford to sit back as Michael Bloomberg and other Gun Control Organizations continue to attack our constitutional right to defend ourselves.

Tell Congress to keep their hands off of the Second Amendment and the Right to Self-Defense!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily