Dear Patriotic Conservative,

In spite of all the attention on the government shutdown and the debt ceiling fight, gun control advocates are very much at work, trying to undermine our political process and the United States Constitution.  Your Second Amendment rights have never been more at risk!  Yet, somehow, it does not make the headlines of what is happening in Washington!

You must fax Washington and tell them to pay attention to what is happening, as the Obama administration tries to choke off our rights as United States’ citizens.  Let me state bold and clearly:  The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution is still the law of the land!

No matter what President Obama says. 

Obama is the most anti-gun president the United States has ever had.  In fact, Attorney General Eric Holder is the most anti-gun Attorney General the United States has ever had.  They are working overtime to see that your gun rights are taken away!

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are hell-bent on making sure the United Nations Small Arms Treaty is signed and a part of the United States law. 

If not, they will make it a part of our law via his Executive Order power!  Did you read that?  Yes, you read that correctly! Obama has proven he will act by Executive Order anytime he doesn’t get his way, 100%.

President Obama does NOT have enough United States Senators to back him to make the United Nations Treaty a law here in the United States!!  But do you think that will stop him and his minion, Secretary of State John Kerry?  Absolutely not!  He will go ahead and sign it. Since Congress does not have enough votes to ratify the United Nations’ treaty, President Obama will make it an Executive Order!

And that, my friend, is an absolute travesty!

But that may only be a part of the anti-gun agenda that President Obama has up his sleeve!  This requires ATTENTION NOW. Obama and Holder are moving forward on this behind the scenes because they are keeping us too busy to see what is going on behind our backs.

FAX Congress to let them know that you not only OPPOSE the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, but you oppose ANY anti-gun Executive Order that President Obama may thrust upon the American people!!

Please FAX every Member of Congress to notify them that they absolutely must vote against any gun control legislation that the President is pushing; be it the United Nations Small Arms Treaty or any anti-gun Executive Orders!

When the representative of a nation signs a treaty, that treaty becomes just as binding on that nation as a treaty signed by that nation’s president.  The only difference in the validity of the treaty is that when a Secretary of State signs a treaty, that signature is valid only until the Senate ratifies or rejects the treaty. 

ALERT! If the Senate does not reject the treaty with an up or down vote, it remains binding on that nation in perpetuity!

Most United States Senators supposedly reject the United Nations Small Arms Treaty---again, supposedly!  TRUST NO ONE! Not one single person. Don’t expect that the GOP will be fighting for your rights because they are too busy fighting for their jobs!

However, we must let Congress know that the American people REJECT the U.N. Small Arms Treaty!!  Will this stop our anti-gun president, Barack Obama? We must do all we can, while we can.

Gun control advocates continue their march across this country thanks to the “open doors” afforded them by President Obama, Gabby Giffords, the Connecticut parents, and many others.

But, because YOU are diligent  . . . YOU are making your voice be heard---we are beginning to make the pro-gun voices be heard!

Grassroots groups, state-by-state, are standing up and saying NO MORE!

You must FAX every Member of Congress to notify them that they absolutely must vote against any gun control legislation that the President is pushing; be it the United Nations Small Arms Treaty or any anti-gun Executive Orders!

For instance:

IN COLORADO … Already two State Senators have been recalled by some every day guys that got together and took on Bloomberg and Hickenlooper money.  The story is remarkable and brings so much hope to our cause!

Oh, you might say, “I don’t own a gun so why should this be a hill to die on now with so much going on in Congress?” “Well, I don’t write books either, but I expect everyone should still have the 1st amendment right to write one!” Well said.  That was a loose quote from the gentlemen in Colorado that fought and FIRED a CONGRESSMEN in A RECALL!

The Colorado Basic Freedom Defense Fund headed by Keith Coniglio, Luke Wagner, and Nick Andrasik and the Recall John Morse campaign’s Victor Head from Pueblo Freedom & Rights and the Recall Angela Giron campaign, WON the recall.


In February, Magpul, a CO manufacturer of what many call the safest magazines used by our men in combat, announced the Democrat legislation that banned high capacity magazines would force them to leave the state taking along several hundred jobs with them. 


It didn’t matter that multi-millions of dollars poured into Colorado to fight these “blue collar” guys that folks, of course, chuckled at in the beginning.

Isn’t it so refreshing that a “formerly” non-political man and his family can stand up and do the right thing – AND WIN against the wealthy and well connected.

Be active, get involved, or donate - but get involved and inspired by like-minded folks WINNING BACK THEIR RIGHTS!

We can do this in every state.

Another state senator in Colorado is already on the “hot seat” as Second Amendment advocates seek to oust the THIRD Colorado lawmaker. Pro-gun advocates want to RECALL Democratic State Senator Evie Hudak.  She was criticized by gun rights advocates when she told a rape victim: “Statistics are not on your side.”

TWO Democratic state senators have already lost their seats in the historic September 10 RECALL election in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado. Politically, a successful Hudak recall campaign, along with a Republican win, would hand the Republicans a single-vote majority in the Colorado State Senate!

Race by Race, State by State! We can do it. We must do it.

Colorado Republican Chairman states: “The Colorado GOP’s role is to elect Republican candidates to office…”

Don’t believe it; don’t trust the “GOP” because the GRAND OLD PARTY isn’t looking out for you.

The grassroots group in Colorado said the GOP actually worked against the grassroots effort!  

Don’t listen to the media telling you the Republicans are losing because that isn’t true either.

The GOP is losing. We, The People … WE ARE WINNING!

The anti-Hudak committee has until December 3rd to collect approximately 18,300 valid signatures to create a special election!  We wish them BEST OF LUCK because Colorado is the incubator for the rest of the country.

The left-leaning Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper wants no part of anti-gun control groups blanketing the state of Colorado NOW.  He said their presence has “back-fired” in Colorado!  The Governor told news media that it might be a good idea for Michael Bloomberg and his allies to stay out of Colorado!

GO HOME BLOOMBERG - Your money is not good here or ANYWHERE!

“Hick” stated: “Colorado is a state that people like to be themselves and solve their own problems.  They don’t really like outside organizations meddling in their affairs.”

You must FAX every Member of Congress to notify them that they absolutely must vote against any gun control legislation that the President is pushing; be it the United Nations Small Arms Treaty or any anti-gun Executive Orders!

IN NEW YORK . . . According to the Watertown, New York DAILY TIMES: “The (New York) SAFE Act, which was enacted in January, immediately met with scathing criticism from north county residents and politicians who took issue both with the provisions of the new law, which they felt unfairly restricts their Second Amendment rights, and with the manner in which the law was passed, which they felt did not give lawmakers enough time to properly review and understand it.

“In March, the Jefferson County Board of Legislators unanimously passed a resolution opposing the act.  It joined 51 other New York counties in doing so, according to  Upon passage of the resolution, the crowd that packed the second floor of the historic County Courthouse stood as one and applauded legislators.”

IN CALIFORNIA . . . Governor Jerry Brown signed a sweeping gun control bill that targets firearms, ammo and hunting.  However, there is one SMALL snag in the legislation.

According to the New York Times, “Democrats in the California legislature passed a sweeping package of gun control bills after a string of mass shootings across the country, cracking down on assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and lead ammunition.  But, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed several key pieces, including a ban on semiautomatic weapons that many had considered the toughest restriction on gun ownership in the country.”

Governor Brown vetoed three of the four bills of the LIFE Act, which included the semiautomatic rifle ban.


State governors and state legislations are feeling the “heat” and the pressure of the people.  In reality, the people are letting their voices be heard!

State by State – We can play their game. We can beat the Liberals using their own tactics!

Thank you for your participation.  YOU are making a difference.

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We MUST give law-abiding citizens, around the world and here in the United States, the prospect to decide for themselves whether or not to defend themselves.

The president wants to take the guns away from patriotic Americans; which includes ILLEGALLY having Secretary of State John Kerry sign the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

Mr. President, a treaty requires TWO-THIRDS of the United States Senators; of which two-thirds are AGAINST the treaty. Please STOP the madness!

Tell the United States Congress Members that they must vote AGAINST every gun control measure before them!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily