Fellow American,

It’s here. The time for mandatory Obamacare renewals has arrived and it isn’t pretty.

You know what, I’m not going to mince words. What is happening now is an atrocity.

The Obama administration has schemed to make sure that the renewal period for Obamacare takes place after the midterm elections. Make no mistake… This is deliberate. This will ensure that most Americans don’t receive their cancellation or renewal letters until after they’ve already cast a ballot.

Obama and the Democrats are hoping that when you enter the ballot box, you’ll forget about how they are stealing from you. They are hoping that you’ll forget about how you’re worse off now than before the unAffordable Care Act was passed!

And for the hundreds of thousands of people who are about to be kicked off their plans, Obama wants them to forget the promise he made that they could keep their doctor if they liked him or her.

I just got my Obamacare renewal letter and found that the health insurance for my family is going to increase by 46.6%!

This wealth redistribution must stop! Only you can demand that Congress repeal Obamacare or face the consequences!

Here’s a portion of the letter that my insurance provider sent me…

“The cost of your plan will change on January 1, 2015, to reflect the rising cost of health care, which is driven by higher provider costs for medical services, higher prescription drug prices and increased member use of services. Your new payment will be $1,158.64 monthly.”

My insurance provider made a mistake. The Obama administration wanted to make sure that these letters went out after the midterm election, but I ended up getting mine a little early.

Mark my words: You’re going to walk down to your mailbox one day in the near future and there’s going to be a letter addressed to you. It will tell you one of two things… either (1) your plan is being cancelled or (2) you need to pay even more for substandard coverage.

The way the Democrats have done this is conniving. If it wasn’t absolutely bankrupting Americans, I would be impressed at how manipulative this whole effort has been. It takes a lot to pull off the biggest theft in world history.

I live in Colorado and we just learned that another 22,000 Coloradans have been kicked off their health insurance plans thanks to Obamacare. Colorado is unique in that the State Government is required to notify the Legislature whenever people are kicked off their healthcare.

The grand total in the Centennial State is 340,000 people who have been kicked off their health insurance and left to scramble to find new coverage since the law went into effect.

This is happening all across the country. It isn’t enough to threaten to vote someone out of office. We’ve tried that and Republicans ended up caving last Fall.

If this law isn’t repealed, there will be a revolution.

This wealth redistribution must stop! Only you can demand that Congress repeal Obamacare or face the consequences!

I pray that day never has to come but if this administration continues to rob the middle class like this, there will be revolution.

I don’t know when this ‘revolution’ will happen, nor do I know where the first shot will be fired, but what I do know is that the system under Obamacare is unsustainable.

I’m paying almost $1,200 every month for medical coverage, which alone is ridiculous. But my insurance doesn’t even kick in until I pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to cover my deductible. I have a family of four and each of them has a $6,300 yearly deductible. That means that even though I pay the insurance company almost $14,000 a year (46.6% more than I did last year), I likely won’t ever receive the benefits because the deductibles are so damn high.

I have friends and family who are literally afraid to go to the doctor or the hospital because they can’t afford the out-of-pocket deductible that would come with a major diagnosis.

This entire system will bankrupt the Middle Class and the American people are starting to realize it. They are getting their cancellation and renewal letters and realizing how they have been conned.

I’m not sure what is worse: learning you no longer have insurance or realizing that your insurance is doubling.

This law is ruining this country and there will be a revolution if it is not repealed. We have an administration that is literally redistributing the wealth to benefit its own voter blocks.

We have a government that has taken a perfectly good healthcare system and forced healthy middle class Americans to pay tens of thousands of dollars without any guaranteed care or else face government fines.

I’m telling you, the American people are starting to wake up. They’re realizing the lies that they’ve been told and how they are just pawns in the Democrats’ game to pander to liberal voters.

Congress needs to understand – needs to hear from all of us, including you – that if this law isn’t repealed and if this wealth redistribution doesn’t end, there will unfortunately be revolution.

This wealth redistribution must stop! Only you can demand that Congress repeal Obamacare or face the consequences!

Tired of this B.S.,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily