Fellow Conservative,

We’ve heard a rumor coming out of Washington that, if true, would be absolutely despicable.

After last week’s shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, top Republicans are considering suspending the investigation into the abortion provider’s practices.

Why is it that whenever something like this happens, the Republicans’ first order of business is to surrender?

What happened in Colorado Springs on Friday was a tragedy. It is a tragedy anytime innocent lives are lost.

But that’s the point. There are allegations that Planned Parenthood has changed its abortion procedures and policies specifically to be able to harvest and sell the body parts and organs of the unborn. It is a violation of Federal law to adapt any abortion procedure to maximize tissue collection. It’s a felony.

It’s also a felony to sell an unborn child’s organs for “valuable consideration.” Considering that fetal livers were being sold for thousands of dollars online, it’s really hard to argue that was simply to cover costs. Planned Parenthood executives joking that they want to raise prices so they can buy fancy sports cars just adds to that.

Listen, even the New York Times has admitted that these sort of tissue sales are performed in a legal gray area. It is Congress’ responsibility to determine whether it is legal or not.

But the GOP is preparing to surrender and disband the committee. You CANNOT allow this to happen!

The unborn must be protects, not sold off to the highest bidder! Force Congress to keep the investigation open and go after Planned Parenthood!

A little over a week ago, I had the privilege of traveling to Las Vegas and meeting with the largest pro-life pregnancy center in the country. They are set up right down the street from one of the most active abortionists in the state.

The stories that the volunteers told were almost unbelievable. All the time, they spoke of “saves.” That is how they described the people they saved. Not just the babies’ lives themselves, but saving the mother from making a horrible mistake.

If there is any truth to the allegations that Planned Parenthood is changing abortion procedures and putting women’s lives at risk in order to maximize profits on organ sales, then they need to be shut down. Period.

Unfortunately, the Department of Justice has flat out refused to even investigate Planned Parenthood. That means that the responsibility falls to Congress.

I am ok with the outcome either way, whether the Select Committee finds evidence of law breaking or not. But the committee needs to be allowed to do its work. The Democrats packing it with Planned Parenthood’s puppets and former board members isn’t helping and neither is the fact that the GOP is considering disbanding it.

I’ll say it again: what happened in Colorado Springs was disgusting and tragic. But if we allow the GOP to use this tragedy as an excuse to go back on investigating Planned Parenthood, then we will have failed as a nation. We will have failed to hold criminals to justice and failed to protect the unborn.

The Republican leadership is considering disbanding the Planned Parenthood committee. You CANNOT allow this to happen! Demand that Congress keep the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s organ sales open!

I am not ready to give up. I am not ready to move on.

The allegations against Planned Parenthood are real and pose a real threat not only to the lives of the unborn, but to our character as a nation.

And the GOP is so spineless that they are actually considering disbanding the investigation.


The Left expects us to back down. They expect us to just give up because of what happened. It is up to you – it is up to all of us – to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Don’t let the RINOs get away with it! Demand that Congress keep the investigation into Planned Parenthood open!


Max McGuire

Conservative Daily