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Here at Conservative Daily, we’ve been working non-stop to keep track of all of Hillary Clinton’s lies and crimes.

This is a lot harder than we originally anticipated because she just can’t seem to stop herself from lying, especially under oath.

In July of 2015, Hillary Clinton stated during an interview with CNN that she had never received a subpoena from Congress. That was a complete lie and even when the CNN interviewer called her out on it, reminding her that Congress had delivered a subpoena to her.

“You know, you’re starting with so many assumptions,” Clinton responded angrily, “I’ve never had a subpoena, there’s nothing — again, let’s take a deep breath here.”

The House Benghazi Committee did deliver a subpoena and preservation order to Hillary Clinton, her staff, and most importantly, Platte River Networks, the company managing her private server.

These subpoenas and preservation orders were served on or around March 4th.

Three weeks later, Hillary’s top aides got on a conference call with Platte River Networks and within hours, the servers were permanently wiped clean.

The Turncoat Republicans are committed to protecting Hillary. It’s up to you! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary in contempt for lying under oath and destroying evidence!

Hillary Clinton’s medical episode yesterday where she had to be dragged into her van has, remarkably, emboldened her RINO allies in Congressional leadership.

These Turncoat Republicans now realize that Donald Trump could very likely win, and they are terrified. So, they are stepping in to block any further prosecution of Hillary Clinton to try and save her campaign.

It’s absolutely shameful.

Every week, the case against Hillary Clinton gets stronger.

Put aside the Espionage Act violations, for a minute… Hillary Clinton lied, under oath, to Congress not once, not twice, but at least THREE times.

She claimed that she never sent or received emails marked classified (LIE).

She swore that she turned over every work-related email to the State Department (LIE).

She declared under oath that her lawyers went through every single email to separate the work-related from the personal emails (LIE).

Each one of these false statements is a crime: either perjury or giving false statements under oath.

But beyond lying, Hillary Clinton and her team defied a lawful Congressional subpoena and preservation order. They had a legal obligation to preserve all evidence in their possession and they were cognizant of this responsibility.

Yet, just hours before the servers were erased and wiped clean with BleachBit, Hillary Clinton’s staff held a conference call with the company managing the server.

All parties involved in this conference call knew that they were legally obligated to preserve the emails, but they deleted them anyway.

Only Congress can prosecute this crime!

Don’t let her get away with this! Send your FaxBlast now and force Congress to hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress for perjury and destruction of evidence!

If a suspect is served with a preservation order and then the evidence is destroyed or disappears, then the entire concept of “innocent until proven guilty” goes out the window.

This is known as spoliation of evidence. When a suspect destroys evidence under a preservation order, then it is absolutely permissible to proceed under the assumption that the destruction was deliberate.

Otherwise, there would be nothing stopping suspected criminals from just destroying all evidence and subpoenaed documents in their possession.

That is what happened here. Hillary, her staff, and her IT contractors were served with subpoenas and preservation orders. They held a meeting and within hours, the documents were destroyed.

Congress has the authority to charge Hillary and her staff with Contempt of Congress for both lying under oath and for destroying subpoenaed and preserved documents.

The GOP Establishment is terrified that Trump could actually win. They are going all-in to protect Hillary by trying

That is why we need your help. If Hillary is going to be charged with Contempt of Congress, it is going to come from you, not the GOP leadership!

Hillary destroyed evidence and now the GOP wants to protect her from prosecution! You need to FaxBlast and DEMAND they hold Hillary in Contempt of Congress before it is too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily