Fellow Conservative,

We all remember last year when Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) tried to amend the 1st Amendment. His efforts went nowhere.

At the heart of this effort was the desire to regulate political speech. Democrats wanted to limit what you were able to say and how much you were able to spend to say it.

As I said, that effort failed. But now the Federal Elections Commission is taking steps to pick up Harry Reid’s torch and march forward towards regulating your political speech!

The Feds want to control what you say on the internet and when you can say it. They want to treat internet comments, articles, and YouTube videos the same way that they treat paid political television advertisements.

This would put websites like the Drudge Report and even Conservative Daily out of business!

They want to regulate political speech and with regulation comes heavy taxes and fines. If you care about the First Amendment and believe that you should have the right to talk about politics without government intervention, then you MUST demand that Congress stop these heavy-handed regulations!

Say NO to the Feds monitoring and regulating what you do and say on the internet!

The FEC wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine and apply it to the internet. Some liberals believe that conservative websites should be forced to advocate the liberal agenda.

The First Amendment says that I can comment on whatever I want in whatever medium I want. But that terrifies some liberals.

You see, they want to be able to dictate political campaigning on their terms. They want to pull the rug out from under wealthy donors like the Koch Brothers, however these potential regulations would touch every single one of us! They see that political activists are using the internet to rally supporters around a idea or candidate and it terrifies them because they are powerless to regulate it.

What you say and what websites you visit on the internet is no one’s business but your own. And the Feds have NO RIGHT to regulate your political speech on the internet or otherwise!

But unless we all rise up and fight this encroaching regulatory creep, then there will be nothing left of the First Amendment to fight for!

Tell Congress to STOP the FEC from regulating your political speech on the internet!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily