Fellow Conservative,

This past Friday, the State Department released the first batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It’s a classic Obama administration tactic to release files like this on a Friday afternoon to limit the media exposure. These 296 emails are no different.

There’s no smoking gun or stand down order in this batch of emails. If there ever was evidence of such an order, it was destroyed when Hillary purged her email server.

Before I go any further, I want to preface this by saying that these are only the emails that Hillary wants us to see. Anything truly damaging has already been destroyed.

Tell Congress to FORCE Hillary Clinton to testify and, if necessary, arrest her!

But that doesn’t mean that Hillary caught everything. No, some pretty damning evidence was able to slip through her filters.

When Hillary Clinton held a press conference at the United Nations to discredit the email-related allegations against her, she made a number of statements.

First, she told the world that she only used one email while at the State Department. This has proven to be a lie on multiple occasions. However, these newly released emails reveal something startling.

Here is a string of Benghazi emails. First of all, the subject is “Chris Smith.” There was no one named Chris Smith in Benghazi. From the very beginning, Hillary Clinton didn’t even know the names of the Americans killed in the terror attack.

Here is the exchange:

At 11:38 PM, Hillary Clinton sent a Benghazi email from the address, [email protected].

Two minutes later, she sent another email, however it was from a different address, [email protected].

Why would a Secretary of State send two emails from two different accounts within two minutes of each other within the same email chain? It makes absolutely no sense. But, considering that Hillary swore she only used one email address while Secretary of State, this is an obvious LIE!

Hillary lied to Congress. Demand that she be subpoenaed and arrested for her crimes!

The other promise Hillary Clinton made was that her private email server never stored or transferred classified information. That was a lie as well.

One of the emails that the State Department released was redacted at the last minute. This means, without a doubt, that classified information was moved through Hillary’s unsecure email server.

That’s the only explanation behind redacting part of an email like this.

One email – and I kid you not – was classified because it contained the whereabouts of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the Ambassador’s concerns that the situation in Benghazi was deteriorating.

Hillary smugly swore that there was no classified material left. She was convinced that she had dealt with all the evidence. She was wrong. According to the FBI, the emails released contained “sensitive but classified” information justifying a redaction.

Meanwhile, the Left is working around the clock to discredit what these emails have revealed.

Hillary Clinton is a liar. Even worse, her and her lawyers have lied under oath to a Congressional committee.

The deadline imposed by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for Hillary to testify has come and gone. Yet, Mrs. Clinton is still walking free.

I’m tired of hearing Congress talk. I’m ready for action.

The solution is simple: subpoena Clinton’s email server and force her to testify. Anything short of that is unacceptable. If she refuses to testify, then Congress has the authority to instruct the Sergeant-at-Arms to arrest her. Plain and simple.

The only thing lacking is the will to do what is necessary to get to the bottom of this scandal. It’s up to you to demand it and force Congress to make this a priority!

Don’t let Hillary get away with it! Force Congress to arrest her for lying under oath!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily