Fellow Conservative,

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign circling the drain.

It has now been confirmed that foreign hackers, specifically Russians, tried multiple times to hack Hillary Clinton’s private email server. There is no telling whether they or others were successful. All that we know is that our enemies knew where Clinton was storing Classified and Top Secret materials and they went after them.

Not only that, but the FBI and other government agencies have begun recovering work-related emails that Hillary never turned over to the State Department. She swore under oath that she handed everything over. Lies.

This past week, the State Department released even more of Hillary Clinton’s emails. The number of classified emails has now risen to over 400.

The Clinton campaign says she did nothing wrong because the emails weren’t classified at the time. That’s not how the law works.

These emails aren’t classified because they were released this week. They would have been classified if they were released a month ago… a year ago… Hillary Clinton’s private server and hard drives always had classified materials on them and she knowingly left them vulnerable to cyber attack.

Demand that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton and push to revoke her security clearance!

This is a serious crime. The law makes no differentiation between giving away classified materials and leaving them vulnerable to be stolen. Both fall under the same provision of the law of mishandling classified materials.

For goodness sake, we’ve only scratched the surface and already 1 in every 20 emails Hillary sent or received contained classified or secret information.

Hillary’s entire argument is that her server in the renovated bathroom of a Denver, Colorado apartment was equally as secure as servers within guarded government buildings. It’s simply ludicrous.

One of the reasons that Gen. Petraeus was charged with mishandling classified information was because he kept documents in a drawer in his office desk and investigators determined the drawer wasn’t secure enough to prevent theft. As the law is written, that is illegal.

But it is equally illegal to store classified materials on private email servers that are vulnerable to cyber espionage.

So let’s keep score for a second:

-Hillary Clinton sent, received, and stored Classified materials on an unsecure private email server.

- Russian hackers tried at least five times to access this server.

- It is confirmed that Hillary Clinton lied under oath and destroyed government records instead of handing everything over.

These aren’t just talking points. They are crimes punishable with prison time.

Hillary Clinton had aerial photographs of North Korean nuclear missile sites on her server. She illegally stored classified communications between world leaders and classified information about our embassies and consulates around the world.

This woman left America vulnerable. The only thing she is in the running for is an orange jumpsuit and a 6x8 prison cell!

Demand that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton and push to revoke her security clearance!

If Congress intervenes and pushes to have her security clearance revoked, then she can’t be President. If someone is blacklisted, they can never serve in government again.

Frankly, who in their right mind would ever entrust Hillary Clinton with this nation’s secrets again?

The solution is simple. Congress needs to appoint a Special Prosecutor and move to revoke Hillary Clinton’s security clearance. Then, her presidential campaign is OVER!

The fact that the Obama administration has waited this long to bring charges against her suggests that she is going to get the same political cover as Lois Lerner and Eric Holder.

With the rumors of John Boehner threatening to dissolve the Benghazi Committee, we cannot wait any longer! 

Demand that Congress appoint a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton and push to revoke her security clearance!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily