Dear Conservative,

Gone are the days of Barack Obama promising to “get to the bottom” of the IRS scandal. Back when he learned about the scandal “from the news,” Obama promised that he would not rest until those at the IRS responsible for this blatant abuse of power were punished.

Well, that was then and this is now. Instead of encouraging an investigation into the IRS targeting scandal, Obama’s Department of Justice has done exactly the opposite. They have yet to interview any of the victims of the targeting and seem to care less that the IRS is wantonly destroying evidence.

All that pales in comparison to what Eric Holder’s Justice Department is doing now…

A group of Conservative organizations has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the IRS for deliberately targeting them. Whether you agree that they deserve monetary reparations or not is up to a judge and jury to decide. But the Federal attorney actually argued in court for the lawsuit to be thrown out! This is all Eric Holder’s doing! Not only has he refused to prosecute those at the IRS responsible for this targeting program, but also now his attorney is actually arguing in Federal Court that the lawsuit should be thrown out because the scandal never happened!

Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute the IRS scandal is an abomination! Tell Congress that is must IMPEACH Eric Holder!

The case involves ten Tea Party groups joining forces to sue the IRS for discrimination and a violation of their first amendment right to free speech. The judge approved the case to move to trial but said that if the Tea Party organizations want to also sue for violations of privacy, they would have to do so as individuals.

Meanwhile, the Federal attorney, a representative of Eric Holder and the Obama administration, argued before the judge that the allegations should be dismissed because the government did nothing wrong.


Edward Greim, the attorney representing the Tea Party groups, had a simple response. “If the government is right in this case, it means that from now on, no matter who the president is, the IRS can pick out a group of people that disagrees with the president and pull those people out, delay them, harass them, target them, and there's nothing anyone can do about it," Greim said. "And our position is very simple: That cannot be true and that's not the republic that we live in."

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Eric Holder’s Justice Department would refuse to prosecute the case against Lois Lerner and her accomplices. But I really had no idea that the DOJ would stoop so low in Federal Court as to argue that the IRS did nothing wrong in targeting Conservative groups!

This is an outrage!

Eric Holder must be impeached! Yes, cabinet members can be impeached. It hasn’t happened since 1876 when William Belknap, the Secretary of War, was impeached on corruption charges. Congress can impeach any President, cabinet member, or appointed judge.

Eric Holder needs to be impeached and it needed to happen a long time ago.

While in office, Holder has refused to cooperate with congressional investigations into Operation Fast and Furious, a failed gun-walking operation that gave guns to the Mexican cartels. This has been linked the deaths of hundreds of Mexican civilians, as well as the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. He has turned a blind eye to the illegal wiretapping of American journalists and has picked and chosen what laws to enforce and which to ignore.

But the worst crime of this Attorney General is the fact Eric Holder has also refused to prosecute Lois Lerner and other IRS agents who unlawfully disclosed private tax records to third-party organizations. There is even evidence that Eric Holder’s Justice Department coordinated with Lois Lerner and discussed possibly prosecuting the IRS’ targets! Holder’s refusal to prosecute proves that he supports unlawful behavior as long as the ends justify the means (read: as long as conservative groups are targeted).

When asked about Lois Lerner’s “lost” emails, the Justice Department replied that they learned about the missing emails from the news media, just like the rest of America. Is this a joke? They are supposed to be investigating Lois Lerner. Obviously, they aren’t, otherwise they would have come across the fact that whole years worth of Lois Lerner’s emails were blatantly destroyed! But no, Eric Holder isn’t even trying to prove Lois Lerner is guilty!

The only reason that Lois Lerner isn’t behind bars yet is because Eric Holder doesn’t want it that way.

You and I both know that Eric Holder needs to be impeached. There are already articles of impeachment that have been drafting. A select number of Congressmen are trying to rally supporters behind the scenes, but quite frankly, we can’t afford to wait that long.

Eric Holder is the most partisan, out of control Attorney General this country has ever had. His crimes are numerous and clearly evident. We MUST urge Congress to move forward on impeaching Attorney General Eric Holder! Every day he is left in charge is another day that justice remains just out of reach for millions of Americans!

Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute the IRS scandal is an abomination! Tell Congress that is must IMPEACH Eric Holder!

So ready to kick this man to the curb,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily