Fellow Conservative,

As I sit here tonight reviewing the facts related to Fast & Furious just released I can only thing one thing… Eric Holder has to be arrested immediately!

The Department of Justice has finally handed over the list of Fast and Furious documents that a Federal judge demanded and the results are damning!

Remember when the Obama administration handed over hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels? Remember when those guns were used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry? Additionally these guns have been showing up all over the country used in countless other crimes against Americans.

The DOJ still refuses to hand over the documents themselves, something they still claim to be protected by executive privilege. They refuse to admit that their actions have led to countless Mexicans and Americans losing their lives! They refuse to hand over the pages documenting their crimes.

However, the administration did release the list of documents that it is withholding. That is what is known as a “Vaughn Index,” and even though it doesn’t show the contents of the documents, the subjects are enough to prove a cover-up existed!

Please take the time to demand that Congress arrest Eric Holder immediately for his crimes and role in the Fast and Furious cover-up!

First of all, Barack Obama has used executive privilege to classify correspondence between Eric Holder, his wife Sharon Malone, and even his elderly mother.

Executive privilege is supposed to be limited to just inter-governmental communications. Why on earth did Obama classify communications to Eric Holder’s wife, a gynecologist?

And Eric Holder’s mother as well? Neither his wife nor his mother are in government office. Their communications to their husband/son are NOT supposed to be covered under executive privilege, nor should the Attorney General be divulging classified materials to family members! Yet, apparently they were talking about something so damaging that Obama classified the discussions.

This is so dirty it is sickening. And do you know what? Congress allows this to happen. Both Republicans and Democrats don’t care that the Attorney General covered-up a huge crime… They’re content with letting Holder retire and ride off into the sunset unscathed.


Congress held Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress and do you know what happened next? Nothing!

They just let him go! Could you or I get away with it? Do the laws just not matter for these clowns? If that is the case, than we as Americans are no longer living in a free country, we are living in a true Oligarchy…

Now we know for a fact that Eric Holder was solely responsible for propagandizing the scandal and covering it up!

Holder announced his retirement to try to get away from this and other scandals… His deputies announced their resignation to try to get away from the scandal. They hope they can simply disappear and avoid prosecution, and ultimately avoid being held accountable.

It is your job as an American to make sure that doesn’t happen! It is your job as an American to rise up and demand that your legislators hold this corrupt bureaucrat accountable!

Please take the time to demand that Congress arrest Eric Holder immediately for his crimes and role in the Fast and Furious cover-up!

We now have all the evidence we need. This proves that Eric Holder had direct involvement in crafting propaganda talking points, the timing of public announcements, and stonewalling Congressional inquiries in the Fast and Furious matter.

This man was supposed to uphold the law. Instead, he continually broke it.

This man was supposed to work towards the truth. Instead, he spewed nothing but propaganda and lies.

The fact that Eric Holder isn’t behind bars is shameful. The fact that Congress hasn’t arrested him yet is shameful.

It’s up to us… It’s up to you to DEMAND justice!

Please take the time to demand that Congress arrest Eric Holder immediately for his crimes and role in the Fast and Furious cover-up!

We must not rest until he’s behind bars,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily