Fellow Conservative,

We are days away from Eric Holder leaving office. That means there are just days left in the term of the most lawless Attorney General in U.S. history.

But more importantly, this just leaves days until Eric Holder completely escapes prosecution.

Now, we are learning that Eric Holder’s crimes are far worse than we thought.

Yes, he perpetrated Operation Fast & Furious, a gun-walking scheme that left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead.

Yes, he was responsible for the targeting of American journalists critical of the administration.

But worst of all, this Attorney General illegally has impeded Congressional investigations into this administration’s targeting of American Conservatives!

Yes, that’s right. We now have EVIDENCE that Eric Holder intervened and stopped investigators from searching for Lois Lerner’s emails!

Eric Holder is going to get away with it! Demand that Congress impeach and arrest this lawless Attorney General.

The IRS has known all along where Lois Lerner’s emails were held. But when a court case was poised to blow the lid off the entire scandal, Eric Holder intervened and stopped the IRS from turning over the tapes.

A few days ago, I told you about how the IRS never even tried to search for Lois Lerner’s emails. That was because the Justice Department stopped them from searching!

Well, that’s not entirely correct… The government did task someone with searching for Lois Lerner’s emails, but that individual was also legally blind. The DOJ let the IRS ‘search’ for the emails everywhere EXCEPT where the emails actually were: an off-site facility in West Virginia.

Based on the court documents, the DOJ denied the claim that Lois Lerner’s emails were being housed at off-site facilities.

Weeks later, independent investigators ended up finding many of Lois Lerner’s archived emails at the very location that the DOJ tried so hard to bury.

President Obama wants Eric Holder to retire and walk off into the sunset. He wants this criminal to get off scot-free.

I say no way!

We knew that Eric Holder was dirty. But at every turn, he has received protection from the White House. The President used executive privilege to shield Eric Holder from being prosecuted for his role in Fast & Furious.

But now, we have hard evidence. Not only did the Justice Department – at Eric Holder’s direction – interfere with the IRS investigation, but they deliberately stopped investigators from finding Ms. Lerner’s emails!

This is criminal! Interfering with an investigation is criminal!

It’s not enough to just let Eric Holder quietly retire. The only acceptable end to this saga is for Eric Holder to be marched out of the building in handcuffs!

Congress has already held Eric Holder in Contempt. They have the Constitutional authority to arrest this man.

Before it’s too late, you need to DEMAND that Congress arrest Lois Lerner!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily