Since the 2016 election, Senator Ted Cruz has been working to help fulfill one of Trump's biggest campaign promises: draining the swamp by imposing term limits on Members of Congress.

Whenever you look at this country's challenges and problems and ask why Congress hasn't fixed them for years, the reason really is that Congressional leadership hasn't really changed in that time...

Nancy Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987 (32 years). Chuck Schumer was elected to the House of Representatives in 1981 and then became a Senator in 1999 (over 38 combined years in Congress). Mitch McConnell has been a Senator since 1985 (34 years). Even House Minority Whip Kevin McCarthy -- who is doing a good job -- has been in office for over 12 years.

The fact is that this country's problems don't change because Congress doesn't change. Are you really that surprised that people in office for two, three, and even four decades aren't bringing fresh ideas to the table anymore?

These people don't serve you, they serve themselves. 

Senator Ted Cruz's bill -- SJRes 1 -- would put an end to that and force all of these career politicians to retire!

We're getting closer... Please fight back and send your instant message to Congress ORDERING them to pass this term limit bill, or else!

The bill is simple. Under Cruz's plan, Congressmen would be limited to serving three terms (six years) and Senators would have to retire after two terms (12 years). Term-limited Congressmen would be allowed to serve in the Senate afterwards, so the maximum any American would be allowed to serve in the United States Congress would be 18 years.

This bill would completely replace the House of Representatives in 4-6 years. Almost half of the United States Senate would end up being replaced within 6-8 years. This is a chance to literally start over.

Which is why the Establishments of both parties are so desperate to block Ted Cruz's bill. McConnell has been blocking this legislation for 827 straight days. Cruz has introduced it twice now. 

But this time, McConnells threats don't seem to be working. SJRes 1 is picking up Conservatives and Moderates alike. So far, 11 Republicans have signed onto Cruz's plan: Sens. Rubio (FL), Lee (UT), Tillis (NC), Perdue (GA), Braun (IN), Sasse (NE), Daines (MT), Scott (FL), Paul (KY), Toomey (PA), and Young (IN). Tim Scott (SC) is reportedly about to sign on as well. In the House, an identical bill has 35 co-sponsors.

A recent poll shows that 82 percent of all Americans support Congressional term limits. That is pretty much the only thing that Republicans and Democrats agree on right now. The only people who seem to oppose term limits are the entrenched career politicians who have made their fortunes "serving" the American people.

This bill would change that for good and return the United States to the service model that the Founders intended.

But even as more and more people sign onto this plan, the leadership is still refusing to budge. Mitch McConnell has promised that this plan will never see the light of day. A handful of career politicians are desperately trying to hold onto their power.

Don't let them get away with this!

Demand Term Limits now! Tell Congress that you will remove them from office if they do not immediately hold a vote on Ted Cruz's term limits amendment!

This is a historic moment. It is a chance for you to rise up and take your country back. Not from Republicans or Democrats, but from career politicians in both parties.

Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Force the vote! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND a vote on Ted Cruz's term limit amendment, or else they will be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily