Fellow Conservative,

The House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies (that’s a mouthful) just passed the first appropriations bill of the year and it is absolutely horrible.

For the first time since 2011, this appropriations bill did not include any attempts to defund or roll-back the (un)Affordable Care Act. This is astonishing.

Today, the Senate is resuming consideration of the Defense budget and refusing to consider amendments to stop Obama from purging the military.

We are about to witness the largest surrender ever in the history of the Republican Party. The so-called RINOs – we prefer to call them Turncoats – are planning to push forward their entire liberal agenda and prevent the Conservative House Majority from doing anything to stop them!

I get it. Budget battles aren’t all that exciting. They don’t get coverage in the media and barely anyone hears about a budget bill leaving a subcommittee or a committee.

But this is happening whether the media covers it or not! Paul Ryan has already admitted to planning to rig the rules of the House to stop Conservatives from getting their amendments added to the bill. This is EXACTLY what he promised he wouldn’t do when he took over as Speaker.

I know you have a lot going on and a budget battle is probably the least of your concerns today, but please, take action right now and STOP Turncoat Paul Ryan from surrendering entirely to Obama’s lame duck policies!

Every single Republican Speaker of the House since 1999 – Hastert, Boehner, and Ryan – ascended to power with a solemn promise to return the body to what is known as “regular order.” All three of them lied.

In his acceptance speech shortly after becoming Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan declared that “we need to let every member contribute, not once they earn their stripes, but now. The committees should take the lead in drafting all major legislation: If you know the issue, you should write the bill. Let's open up the process.”

“In other words," he said, "we need to return to regular order."

Regular order would mean that all Congressmen have a right to propose amendments to pieces of legislation.

It hasn’t even been a year and Paul Ryan has already violated his number one promise. The budgets this year will not be voted on and amended through “regular order.” The RINOs at the top of the party are siding with the Democrats and doing everything they can to silence Conservative Congressmen.

This is being done to stop Conservative initiatives from being added to bills.

Congress doesn’t want to have to defund Obamacare, so they prevented Conservatives from adding a defunding amendment to the healthcare appropriations bill.

They don’t want to stop Obama’s suicidal Iran deal or prevent him from emptying the coffers to fund the UN’s climate change agreement, so the leadership is blocking any votes on adding amendments focusing on these issues.

They don’t want to stop gun control or illegal alien amnesty or crippling environmental regulations, so they are going to give Obama a blank slate to fund all of it.

Every time, they do this. They promise to stop all of these liberal programs and then when it comes time to actually do it, they balk. They are days away from financing every single one of Obama’s leftist programs!

Not this time!

As you read this, Republicans are surrendering on every single issue they promised to fight against. You need to get loud right now! Force Congress to honor their oaths and STOP Obama from running roughshod over the Constitution!

These liberal Republicans have spent the past 7 years talking about how they would defund all of Obama’s unconstitutional programs as soon as they gained control of Congress.

Now the GOP has control of both chambers, and they are literally bending over backwards to not defund Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal policies.

They are doing this because they expect you to not be paying attention to these subtle parliamentary rule changes and actions taking place in obscure subcommittees.

But now you know!

Now you know what these liars are doing behind your back and with this knowledge comes a responsibility to do something about it.

There are millions of Conservatives out there who have absolutely no idea that the men and women they elected are stabbing them in the back. They are going about their day unaware that they are being sold out.

You are not one of them!

So, as Ronald Reagan said, it is a time for choosing.

Either you and I can take this info and do nothing, or you can join us in speaking out and hold Congress’ feet to the fire, demanding they honor their oaths!

I don’t know about you, but I choose the latter. I choose to fight.

Please, join me.

If you don’t get involved right now, the GOP will surrender and fund Obama’s policy proposals. Don’t let them stab you in the back! Fight back and DEMAND they put appropriations bills forward through regular order!

They’re not going to get away with this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily