Fellow Conservative,

We are hearing allegations that are truly… well, hard to believe.

Missouri’s Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) has suggested that Barack Obama and Eric Holder may have forced Governor Jay Nixon (D) to hold off on using the National Guard in Ferguson, MO.

As you’re aware, more than eighty businesses were looted, vandalized, and burned to the ground after the Grand Jury announced that Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged stemming from the killing of Michael Brown. We are even learning that a man was shot and killed during the chaos just yards away from where Michael Brown himself was killed.

Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy to say that the National Guard would have stopped this violence.

But the fact remains that the National Guard could have worked to combat the violence in Ferguson. The National Guard could have stopped businesses from being looted and burned to the ground.

But Jay Nixon didn’t use the National Guard, allegedly because Obama and Holder forced him to stand down!

The Obama administration is stirring up racial violence! Demand that Barack Obama and Eric Holder be stopped!

The administration is doing everything in its power to make what is going on in Ferguson even worse.

Obama stopped the Missouri Governor from using the National Guard; Eric Holder is promising to pursue civil rights charges against Officer Wilson, an innocent man; career race baiter and Presidential advisor Al Sharpton is using his position to cause even more discord around the country…

It truly is remarkable how the President of the United States and his administration could take a tragedy and turn it into something about race.

Race had nothing to do with ANY of this! The evidence shows that Officer Wilson confronted Michael Brown because he was walking in the middle of the road. Upon seeing him, the officer noticed that Brown matched the description of a suspect in a convenience store robbery – which Brown actually perpetrated.

Brown attacked Officer Wilson, he was shot two times, and instead of getting on the ground as the officer demanded, Michael Brown charged Darren Wilson. He forced the officer to defend himself.

How is any of that about race?

We can have the conversation about police brutality and I am happy to have that conversation with anyone. I was reading a truly remarkable statistic the other day that in the State of Utah, police officers have killed more people than gang members.

In the State of Utah, police officer killings account for 15% of all homicides. Now, obviously that could just as easily speak to Utah’s low murder rate. Utah has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country (the 6th lowest, in fact).

We can talk about demilitarizing the police; we can talk about forcing all police officers to wear cameras to document their actions. These are proposals that have wide bipartisan support.

But I refuse to sit back and watch as elected officials and supposedly neutral bureaucrats pervert their office to sow racial discord in America!

Just last month, DOJ officials leaked that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Officer Wilson with a civil rights crime. A Grand Jury cleared the officer of any wrongdoing and made sure to forward all evidence and testimony to the Department of Justice.

If there was any evidence of racial targeting, the Grand Jury would have indicted Darren Wilson. But there isn’t any evidence of that. There’s no proof that Wilson deliberately targeted or shot Michael Brown because of his race.

In fact, the evidence proves exactly the opposite.

Yet the Obama administration is promising to pursue civil rights violations against this officer.

Doesn’t this just make you sick?

The Obama administration is stirring up racial violence! Demand that Barack Obama and Eric Holder be stopped!

I’m tired of watching this administration take every opportunity to use tragedy to sow racial discord. I am tired of having a President and Attorney General who are more interested in tearing us apart than bringing us together.

But if the allegations are true and the President and Attorney General forced Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to call back the National Guard, then Congress MUST censure these two men!

Millions of dollars of property was stolen and destroyed last night and at least one man even lost his life. If the White House stopped the National Guard deployment for political reasons, then Congress must intervene and censure these race baiters!

The Obama administration is stirring up racial violence! Demand that Barack Obama and Eric Holder be stopped!

Tired of these race baiters,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily