Fellow Conservative,

By now, you’ve heard that John Boehner caved and surrendered to Obama’s executive amnesty. Instead of holding firm and defunding the amnesty bureaucracy, he gave the administration every cent it needs to start processing amnesty applications.

What hasn’t been covered as much in the media is just how Boehner got the “clean” Homeland Security bill funded. He teamed up with the Democrats to get it passed.

Only 70 Republicans actually sided with Boehner. The only reason that Boehner’s plan worked is because EVERY Democrat voted with him.

167 Republicans voted against surrendering to Obama’s amnesty. That’s almost 70% of House Republicans.

How can someone claim to be a Republican leader when he votes with the Democrats more often? Boehner isn’t our leader. Whenever the going gets tough, Boehner just gives up. We came a few votes away from holding up Boehner’s election earlier this year. With Boehner’s recent betrayal, now is the time to strike!

Bye-bye Boehner! Demand that Congress remove and replace John Boehner as Speaker!

There is now a large push to remove Boehner from power and the GOP leaders are terrified it might actually succeed.

So what are the RINOs doing to maintain their power? They’re teaming up with the Democrats!

That’s right: Nancy Pelosi has pledged her party’s support for Boehner if the Republicans try to change leadership.

This has never happened before. Never has an opposition party promised to vote for the other party’s leader just to keep him in power.


People always joke that Boehner is a Democrat because of his policies, but you need to be pretty liberal to get the Democrat Party to back you.

As far as I am concerned, Boehner is a Democrat. If he wants to vote with the Democrats and against us Conservatives, then he should just switch parties!

We didn’t fight so hard to take back Congress just so that a closet-Democrat could rise to power!

When we were at CPAC a week and a half ago, we had the privilege to listen to Mark Levin speak. As I have mentioned before, he said something that really hit home: “in order to defeat the Democrats, we need to defeat the Republicans.”

That starts with you and every other like-minded patriot raising their voice and demanding change!

The GOP is terrified because they have received more faxes, calls, and emails related to the issue of amnesty than they ever did on Obamacare. They realize that their political future could very well be determined by this one issue.

How else could you possibly explain 167 Republicans going against Boehner’s plan?

The momentum is on our side. We have never had so many Republicans in Congress willing to replace John Boehner as speaker. It is time to rise up and demand it!

If the Democrats step up, as they’ve promised, to defend Boehner, then the Country will know the truth.

We need your help to force this vote!

Bye-bye Boehner! Demand that Congress remove and replace John Boehner as Speaker!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily