Fellow American,

Last year, President Obama nominated Vivek Murthy to be America’s next Surgeon General.

Dr. Murthy comes highly recommended by Academics and while he might not have too much experience as a personal physician, Democrats believe that he could effectively guide Americans towards a more healthy life.

There’s only one problem: Dr. Vivek Murthy is vehemently anti-gun and would use his position as Surgeon General to treat “gun violence” as a “public health” crisis. He has publicly said that banning guns is a part of medicine!

Like other cabinet positions, the President is responsible for nominating appointees and the Senate has the job of confirming them. Dr. Murthy’s confirmation process was delayed when ten Democrat Senators broke rank and refused to go along with the Obama administration’s plans.

That drew the entire process to a halt, but the Obama administration and fellow Democrats promised to start up again once the midterms were over. You know, the last thing liberals want is for voters to realize how anti-gun they are.

But now, with an Ebola diagnosis on U.S. soil and the prospect for more outbreaks, liberals are renewing their push to confirm this anti-gun Surgeon General!

Don’t let Democrats confirm this gun-hating doctor as Surgeon General! Demand that Congress vote NO when liberals bring Dr. Murthy’s nomination up again!

Democrats are gathering to make another run at trying to confirm Dr. Murthy as the nation’s Surgeon General. And far-left mainstream media outlets are joining in.

Just look at this headline on MSNBC: “How the NRA is making the Ebola crisis worse.” No, this is not a joke…

Only a liberal rag like MSNBC would lead with such a vile and ridiculously stupid headline.

But it’s not wrong… Democrats are using the Ebola outbreak in Texas as an excuse to make another push to get Dr. Vivek Murthy confirmed in the Senate!

Dr. Murthy has stated that he believes that gun violence is a public health issue and that it deserves the full resources of the Federal government to stamp out. Except is isn’t interested in going after the gang members in our inner cities who are shooting each other on a daily basis…

No, Dr. Murthy is more interested in limiting YOUR ability to defend yourself and your family!

Dr. Murthy's claim to fame is his work in co-founding the organization "Doctors For Obama." Like Obama, Vivek Murthy is nothing but a 'community organizer' who worked to gather support in the medical community for the Affordable Care Act. In 2009, Murthy's group boasted 15,000 doctors and medical students as members and was allegedly influential in lobbying Congress to pass Obamacare.

That's where Vivek Murthy's resume ends… He is nothing but a young lobbyist and an organizer. Like the man who nominated him, he is woefully under-qualified to be the Nation's doctor!

But, while Murthy might not have any on-the-job experience, per say, he has plenty of controversial opinions. While the official name of his organization is Doctors for Obama, now called "Doctors For America," Second Amendment supporters affectionately call it "Docs Against Glocks." 

In 2012, Vivek Murthy infamously tweeted, "[I am] tired of politicians playing politics w/ guns, putting lives at risk [because] they’re scared of NRA. Guns are a health care issue." This tweet has since been deleted, but it shows just how partisan Obama's nominee is!

Don’t let Democrats confirm this gun-hating doctor as Surgeon General! Demand that Congress vote NO when liberals bring Dr. Murthy’s nomination up again!

Murthy's group has lobbied Congress for a ban on "high capacity" magazines and so-called "Assault Weapons," and Doctors For America has been essential in the fight for more Federal funding to perform one-sided studies that seek to prove increased gun ownership leads to more crime!

There is a large push from the medical community to restrict civilian firearm ownership. Even Dr. Ben Carson, a Conservative favorite who is likely running for President, said during a Glenn Beck interview that semi-automatic weapons should be prohibited in urban areas! 

We must remain vigilant and stop any Obama nominee who will attempt to disarm the American people!

Back in March, Vivek Murthy’s confirmation process was shot down. This wasn’t an accident… It was because brave Patriots like you raised your voice and let Congress know that this gun control hack could not be the Nation’s doctor! Most importantly, however, is the fact that Congress listened to you!

But this isn’t over. The Democrats won’t rest until they can enact their radical gun control agenda nationwide, even if that means using the Ebola crisis to get their anti-gun Surgeon General nominee confirmed!

I beg of you… Don’t let this happen! Don’t let the Democrats sneak this one by the American people! You helped to stop this man’s confirmation once… Now it’s time to do it again!

Don’t let Democrats confirm this gun-hating doctor as Surgeon General! Demand that Congress vote NO when liberals bring Dr. Murthy’s nomination up again!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily