For weeks, we have warned that Democrats were just waiting to make their gun control push. After yesterday's shooting in a California synagogue, that is exactly what they're doing.

A man walked into a synagogue near San Diego, California and, armed with an AR-15 style rifle, began shooting the congregants. He killed one person and injured three others, before being driven off by an armed, off-duty Border Patrol agent. That armed 'good guy with a gun' saved so many lives by shooting back.

But the left's takeaway isn't that concealed carry saves lives. They want a total ban on semi-automatic weapons... and they are forcing the GOP establishment to give it to them!

Fight back! Please, take action right now and FORCE Congress to kill Dianne Feinstein's radical gun ban legislation before it's too late!

With just a few exceptions, semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 are illegal in California. They have some of the strictest gun bans on the books. For example, if someone wants to purchase a pistol, they must buy one off of the registry of government-approved handgun models. The State of California literally tells gun owners what types of guns they can and cannot own. And yet, California sees more gun murders in a given year than any other state...

This shooting is a clear example that concealed carry saves lives. It proves not only that criminals will ignore gun laws, but also that armed law-abiding citizens can save lives. That should be the narrative.

Instead, the Left is demanding more gun control. Dianne Feinstein is using this tragedy to try to force a vote on her semi-automatic gun ban legislation.

"We're the only country in the world that allows civilians such easy access to weapons of war," Feinstein declared. "These military-style assault weapons are far too easy to purchase..."

But Feinstein's bill wouldn't just target AR-15s. Most semi-automatic weapons would be on the chopping block.

In the past, her "Assault Weapon Ban" banned firearms according to their model name and attached accessories. However, the new version of the bill would change the definition of a "pistol grip" to include "any other characteristic that can function as a grip." 

If you can hold it in your hand, the gun would be banned. 

This gun ban push couldn't come at a worse time. Lindsey Graham is currently negotiating with Democrats over his Extreme Risk Protection Order gun confiscation legislation. Graham could have passed a Republican-sponsored bill, but decided that he wants the new gun confiscation law to be bipartisan. Democrats are demanding votes on additional gun control bills before agreeing to sign onto Graham's legislation.

And the GOP is so eager to "do something" on guns that they're going to give it to them!

Don't let this move forward! Take action right now and FORCE Congress to kill Dianne Feinstein's radical gun ban legislation before it's too late!

Right now, Republicans are negotiating with Democrats over how far their gun confiscation and gun control package should go. They aren't even pretending to fight for the 2nd Amendment anymore.

We know what the Left's plan is. They are willing to use every tragedy to push their gun control agenda.

But for the first time in years, they actually have a bill that they can attach their radical amendment to! And the Republicans are too spineless to fight back!

Lindsey Graham and the GOP leadership are promising to 'negotiate' and 'compromise' on a new gun control package with Feinstein and the Democrats. 

They are selling you out!

Hold the line! You need to take action right now and FORCE Congress to kill Dianne Feinstein's radical gun ban legislation before it's too late!

Shall not be infringed means shall not be infringed...

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily