Fellow Conservative,

For the second time in six days, liberals have blamed you for a mass shooting.

First, it was your fault that a crazed loner shot people around a Planned Parenthood. Now, according to the Left, you’re also to blame for a group of angry Muslims shooting up a company Christmas party.

No, I am not going to mince words. The Left is trying to classify this as work-place violence. No way. The attack was well planned. It included people who didn’t work for the company, they had GoPro cameras attached to their vests so that they could share the shooting footage with the world, and the police have called the shooters’ apartment a “bomb factory.”

The fact of the matter is that a Muslim American and a Qatari national executed a terrorist attack against the county government’s Christmas party. But all the Democrats seem interested in is taking away your guns…

It’s BS.

And yet, Obama moves forward with his gun control executive orders to disarm you and make it harder to protect yourself and your family!

Draw your line in the sand! FaxBlast Congress demanding that they stop Obama’s anti-gun push!

The Democrat mantra is “don’t let a tragedy go to waste.” Fourteen people were just killed in a savage terrorist attack and the only thing that the Left is interested in is taking away our guns. How pathetic is that?

But it’s not just pathetic, it’s dangerous. This is the greatest threat to our 2nd Amendment rights in years.

What happened yesterday was an act of jihad and even FoxNews is talking about Obama’s gun control proposals as “logical.”

Democrats are pushing to give the Federal government the power to suspend a citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights at any time and for any reason without due process and without even charging the individual with a crime.

That is what is on the table. That is what the Left is demanding when they say they want to add the “no fly list” to the gun background check database. They want to give the government the power to suspend rights based on nothing but “suspicion.”

We live in a country of laws, in a county bound by the Constitution. Obama and his lackeys want to kick all of that to the curb to give themselves the power to suspend your 2nd Amendment rights!

Not on my watch! Tell Congress to STOP Obama and the Left’s plan to expand their anti-gun agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily