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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stunning ruling yesterday evening, essentially bestowing Constitutional rights on foreigners who have never even stepped foot in the United States. They have created precedent to allow any corporation or state to block a national security policy if they think it negatively affects them.

By refusing to lift the temporary restraining order against President Trump’s immigration policy, they actually ruled that refugees have a right to come here and it is up to the government to prove why they should be kept out.

It’s just so backwards…

This ruling sets up an inevitable showdown at the Supreme Court. But without Neil Gorsuch on the bench, there are too many liberal Justices to overturn this sham ruling.

If the case went to the Supreme Court right now, the result would likely be 4-4. If the Supreme Court rules in a tie, that means that the appeals court decision is left in place.

The fight to confirm Neil Gorsuch just escalated and like clockwork, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is promising to block the confirmation!

Don’t let Democrats stall or block Trump’s Supreme Court nominee! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to use the nuclear option to put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court quickly!

If the Democrats block, or even delay, Gorsuch’s confirmation, they could force the Supreme Court to rule on the executive order without a full bench.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said that the timetable for confirming Gorsuch was 6-weeks. Mid-March is the target.

Here’s the problem… The Supreme Court goes back into session in early March. If the Democrats delay this process even a couple of days, it could have irreparable damage.

That’s also not to mention all the cases that are already on the docket…

Earlier this week, Gorsuch met with Schumer and the Democrat Senator from New York declared that he was disappointed Trump’s nominee refused to answer his questions.

This is the strategy they used to delay the President’s cabinet nominees. Democrats know they don’t have the necessary votes to block the nominations, so they stall by using a Senate rule that allows them to ask further questions.

It is time to put a stop to this Democrat obstructionism once and for all. The stakes are simply too high to allow the Left to filibuster this Supreme Court nominee!

Democrats are delaying the Supreme Court confirmation to force Trump to lose his case! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress use the nuclear option to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch!

In 2013, Harry Reid and the Democrats changed the Senate rules to allow non-Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed by a simple majority vote. This was referred to as the “nuclear option.” Before then, all nominees required a 60-vote supermajority for confirmation.

Right now, GOP leadership has the power to use this same tactic to destroy the Democrat filibuster against Judge Gorsuch. But they’re scared.

They would rather allow the Democrats stall, delay, and block the nomination than do everything necessary to push it through.

We don’t have time for this. The Trump administration will appeal to the Supreme Court. They will hear this case in early-to-mid March. The Supreme Court is also considering taking up key 1st and 2nd Amendment cases that would fail without Gorsuch on the bench.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals proved yesterday why it is the most overturned court in the country. But without Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, this horrible ruling will be upheld.

You CANNOT allow that to happen!

Rise up and STOP the Democrats from delaying the Gorsuch confirmation! Send your FaxBlast now and force Congress to use the nuclear option to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee!


Joe Otto

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