Fellow Conservative,

The Obama administration even admitted it. Some Americans who were fighting with ISIS have already returned back to the US.

This is what happened in France. The Charlie Hebdo terrorists were fresh back from Yemen. Belgian police just raided a bunch of terrorist sleeper cells in Belgium.

All around the world, police are cracking down on terrorists returning to their country. That’s made easier the fact that they know who these terrorists are.

But here in the United States, we still don’t have a mechanism for dealing with returning Islamic extremists.

There… I said it! The greatest danger we face is from radical Islamic terrorism. But we have a President who is so afraid of ‘disrespecting’ Muslims that he won’t even call our enemy by its real name.

The President and Democrats have done everything they could to make sure that ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists are allowed to return to the US. That ends NOW!

American ISIS militants are already in the US! Demand that Congress revoke these terrorists’ citizenship!

Before Christmas, Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced legislation that would close a loophole and allow the government to revoke an American terrorist’s passport and even his or her citizenship.

You see, right now the law (8 U.S.C. 1481(a)) allows the government to punish Americans who fight for a foreign enemy’s military. But because the law was written so long ago, it doesn’t make any mention of terrorism.

We are left with a law that makes no sense. Someone who joins Iran’s military, for example, would have their American citizenship revoked. But if they joined ISIS or Al-Qaeda, the government is powerless to do anything about it.


These American terrorists are free to travel back to the United States unimpeded.

As I said, Senator Cruz introduced his Expatriate Terrorist Act when Democrats controlled the Senate. The bill is short and to the point: American terrorists lose their American citizenship.

But Democrats killed the legislation. Think about that for a second… They hate Republicans so much that they are willing to leave the door open for radicalized Americans to come home.

Look at it this way… If France had passed a law like this a few years ago, the Charlie Hebdo attack probably wouldn’t have happened. The terrorists never would have been able to return to France from their training in Yemen.

We have seen what happens when these terrorists are allowed to return home. We have seen the carnage and the needless loss of life.

The solution is simple. The minute an American takes up arms with a radical Islamic terrorist group, they lose their American citizenship. If they want to live in the Islamic State so badly, that can be their new country.

It’s already illegal for an American to return home if they fought in a foreign hostile army. That law has been on the books for decades…

Now we MUST force Congress to amend the law to include fighting for terror groups as a disqualifier as well before more radicalized Americans return home to finish their jihad…

You can’t waste one more minute! Demand that this loophole be closed immediately!

Can’t believe the scum that get elected to Congress…


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily