Fellow Conservative,

Here’s a question for you: did any Republican run for office promising to compromise with Obama?

The answer is no. All across the board, from Mitch McConnell to John Boehner, every Republican promised that a GOP-controlled Congress would be one that stood up to Obama.

Is that what we got? Has Congress fulfilled its promises? Well, let’s see…

The GOP caved and funded Obamacare, they did the same for Obama’s amnesty bureaucracy, and leadership plans to bring Loretta Lynch’s nomination up for a vote… the list goes on and on.

Now, in this past week alone, Congress has caved on TWO issues that will give the President unprecedented power!

Only you can STOP Congress from surrendering to Obama imperial agenda!

The first issue is the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. For weeks, we have been pressuring Congress to assert its Constitutional authority to ratify any treaty. Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to ratify treaties. They are giving up that authority right now!

When Republicans and Democrats announced that they had reached a compromise, it appeared that was exactly what was happening.

The agreement shortens the Congressional review period from 60 to 52 days (after which Obama can act unilaterally again), does NOTHING to stop Iran from funding terrorism, and it still allows Obama to use the United Nations to implement the agreement and nullify sanctions without Congress.

The compromise sounds tough, but it isn’t. The GOP caved once again. While it gives Congress 52 days to review the deal, Obama only would have to wait 30-days before acting unilaterally and dismantling Congressionally-imposed sanctions against Iran.

Congress actually thinks that we’re stupid. Suppose they actually vote against the Iran deal. All Obama has to do is veto it and get 1/3 of the Senate to side with him to prevent an override. So you see, the only thing Congress is doing is fighting to surrender another day! This compromise shifts power from Congress to the White House.

But that’s not all. This week, Republicans and Democrats also reached a deal to allow Barack Obama to fast-track negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Treaty. Now, if you don’t know what the TPP is, that’s not surprising. It is being negotiated in complete secret and Congress is poised to keep it that way.

The TPP is a trade agreement between the United States and Asian countries. Like all the trade agreements that came before, this is bad for American businesses and bad for American workers. It is time to stop entering into trade agreements designed to hurt Americans.


But the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty is so much worse. It also contains provisions that would open the door for extreme Internet censorship. These measures would undermine Democracy and national sovereignty both here and around the globe.

Right now, the Obama administration is negotiating this treaty behind closed doors. All together, it includes 40% of all global trade. The White House wants Congress to allow them to “fast-track” the treaty. Congress approving such a fast-track would cede its Constitutional authority to the Executive branch. This would allow them continue working on the treaty, and even sign it, without ever revealing its contents to the public.

Just from what has leaked to the public, the TPP contains so many horrible provisions.

The Founding Fathers gave Congress the power to ratify treaties for a reason. The fate of the country is too important to give one man the power to enter into treaties with other countries.

But after all the talk of stopping Obama, Congress apparently doesn’t want to intervene. Instead of asserting its legislative authority on the Iran deal, Congress is voting on a resolution so watered down it is comical.

And instead of putting a stop to the dangerous and secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty, Congress is giving the White House the green light to fast-track it. It’s just so ludicrous!

Don’t let Congress surrender to Obama’s plans! Demand that they intervene in these dangerous deals!

Over the course of one week, Congress has caved on two major issues and relinquished their legislative authority to the Imperial President they swore to resist.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

At the end of the day, Congress still works for you. And when you speak out, they listen.

If you care about the Constitution’s separation of powers and you care about stopping this President’s radical agenda, then you MUST raise your voice now and demand that Congress stop surrendering immediately!

Tell Congress to STOP the Iran and Trans-Pacific Partnership deals from going through without Congressional approval!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily