Fellow Conservative,

I want to start this email out by saying that what we are doing is working. We are sending tens of thousands of faxes to Congress every day demanding that they uphold their campaign promises and stick to the conservative principles that Americans want.

The stories we focus on aren’t always the most popular, nor are they always featured on the evening news… but they are just as important.

For example, we have been pressuring Congress to close a loophole in the law that allows the Obama administration to catch and release illegal aliens. This loophole allows the government to release CONVICTED illegal alien criminals from prison if their home country doesn’t want to take them back.

Senators Jim Inhofe (R-OK), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced S. 291 the Keep Our Communities Safe Act to close this loophole.

Currently, if no other country accepts a convicted illegal immigrant for deportation within the first six months, it is Federal policy just to release them back into the United States...

This is foolish, dangerous, and must be stopped!

It’s working! Raise your voice and demand that Congress pass S.291 to stop Obama’s catch-and-release program!

By now you’ve heard the statistics. In 2013, there were 36,007 criminal illegal aliens that were let out of prison thanks to Obama’s catch-and-release program. Collectively, they had 193 HOMICIDE convictions, 426 SEXUAL ASSAULT convictions, 1,075 aggravated assault convictions, and 16,070 DUI convictions.

Now they’re back on the street. Yet, what the Obama administration hasn’t told you yet is that they know for a fact that 1,000 of these released illegals went on to commit more crimes in 2014!

Where will it end? How many times will an illegal alien be allowed to commit a violent crime before the Obama administration will get its act together and kick them out of the country?

I want to tell you the story of Binh Thai Luc, a Vietnamese immigrant. He was ordered to be deported after being convicted of armed robbery and assault in 2006. The Supreme Court demanded that he be released if Vietnam refused to take him back.

Well, that is exactly what happened and he was put back on the street. The next time the authorities caught up with Binh Thai Luc, it was six years later after he murdered 5 people in San Francisco.

Make no mistake: This dangerous Federal policy is the work of both the Executive and Judicial branches. But that doesn’t mean it is written in stone. That doesn’t mean that the American people have to just sit back and watch as Obama lets violent illegal alien criminals out of prison and back into our communities.

We’ve been complaining about this for months, and Congress listened. S. 921 has a real chance of passing and closing this catch-and-release loophole. But only if we all band together and demand that our Congressman and Senators vote for it!

Almost there! Raise your voice and demand that Congress pass S291 to stop Obama’s catch-and-release program!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily