Fellow Conservative,

Congress should be ashamed of themselves over next year’s budget. Sure, they threw in some conservative policy riders. They officially defunded Obama’s plans to implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty, for example. They just pulled the rug out from under the President’s international gun control agenda.

Congress also cut funding to the United Nations’ renovation plans and several UN agencies received notice of a 15% reduction in funding across the board until audits are made publicly available. The GOP also pulled the plug on the UN Population Fund for its support for abortion in China and around the world.

Unfortunately, they left Obama's climate change plans untouched. Earlier this month, the world agreed in Paris to cut global emissions over time. This sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, they stuck the United States with the bill. President Obama has already pledged $3 BILLION to the United Nations’ climate change treaty and has promised whatever else is necessary.

Congress asked for a chance to read and ratify the agreement and Obama told them to pound sand.

I’m telling you, Obama’s last year in office is going to be devastating for our Republic. Already, we have seen him try to expand the power of the executive branch. Congress stopped him from implementing one radical treaty, it is time to demand they do the same for his radical climate agenda!

Don’t let Obama give away any more money! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they cut off funding to Obama’s climate change agenda!

This is how this President operates. He goes around the world apologizing. Instead of leading from a position of strength, he grovels and pleads for forgiveness for our country’s mistakes.

And when it comes to global warming and climate change, he has pledged a blank check. Whatever the UN needs, he plans to give to them.

These are your tax dollars that I’m talking about. Your hard earned money that this President is just throwing away.

And Congress was stupid enough to leave this line of credit open. The GOP swore that they would stop these payments yet they forgot to include the measure into the omnibus spending bill.

Listen, they all promised to stop this. They all swore to draw a line in the sand and force Obama to put all of his treaties and agreements through Congress for approval. Now it is time to force them to honor that promise!

Quickly! Before Obama writes another check! Tell Congress to defund Obama’s international climate agenda!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily