Since Conservative Daily was founded, a major part of our mission was to call attention and bring justice to the servicemen and women who were targeted by the Obama administration.

It was no secret that Barack Obama was trying to purge the military. To accomplish that, many innocent soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines were unjustly targeted and prosecuted for actions they took on the battlefield.

Now, one Congressman is demanding justice. Texas Congressman Brian Babin (R) is making a major push to get Congress and the White House to take a fresh look at the Leavenworth 10.

The Leavenworth 10 are ten servicemen who have been sentenced to ten or more years in prison for things they did on the battlefield. During the Obama years, many of these convictions were highly suspect. Now, Rep. Babin is demanding that Congress and the President take action to make sure that justice is truly served in these cases and that these innocent men be given their lives back.

"This is something that should be looked at again," Babin said, "especially in light of all the clemencies that [the Obama administration] issued to convicted terrorists."

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You already know many of the names in the Leavenworth 10. 

Army First Lt. Clint Lorance is serving a 20-year sentence for instructing soldiers under him to open fire on two suspected Taliban scouts who met the description of suspects given to him by aerial reconaissance. Though the Obama administration's prosecutors argued that Lorance had killed innocent Afghans, the Pentagon deliberately withheld biometric evidence that proved the "victims" were connected to Taliban roadside bombs. 

Sgt. Derrick Miller is another case that is getting a lot of attention. In 2010, Miller's base received word that the Taliban had infiltrated their facility. A suspected enemy combatant was brought Sgt. Miller for interrogation. During that interrogation, Miller asserts that the suspect reached for his gun and he had no choice but to shoot the Afghan in self-defense. The Obama administration decided to make an example of Sgt. Miller and he was sentenced to life in prison.

Army Master Sgt. John Hatley is a highly decorated, 20-year combat veteran. In 2007, he and his unit captured enemies during a firefight in Iraq. After radioing the detention facility, he was ordered to release the detainees. Two years later, Jesse Cunningham, a man who served in Hatley's unit, was charged with assaulting an officer and falling asleep at his post. In order to save himself, he told investigators that instead of releasing the detainees, Master Sgt. Hatley had them massacred. Even though no bodies were found at the location Cunningham claimed the massacre occurred, Hatley was still convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Now, there is no way of saying with certainty that these men and the rest of the Leavenworth 10 were innocent. But each of cases against them are riddled with holes and each of them deserved way more scrutiny than the media afforded them!

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You are receiving this because you have answered the call in the past and demanded justice for the American soldiers unfairly targeted by the Obama administration. Whether it was Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who Obama abandoned in a Mexican prison, Sgt. Martland who was targeted for involuntary discharge after shoving a confessed Afghan child rapist, or any of the other successful campaigns we've launched, you rose up to defend those who answered the call to defend you.

Now, one Congressman is demanding that all of the remaining cases of unfair targeting or prosecution from the Obama years are dealt with.

We've had a lot of success on these issues. We've taken obscure cases that few had heard about and forced both Congress and the media to focus on them. All of that was made possible by YOUR activism.

Well, Rep. Babin is calling on you to answer that call one more time.

Join us and help force Congress and the White House review the Leavenworth 10 cases and free from prison all soldiers unfairly prosecuted by the Obama administration! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast now!

No rest until justice is served.