Fellow Conservative,

For weeks, we have been warning that Congress’ decision to cut military pay would have drastic consequences.

We are starting to learn just how damaging these cuts will be.

By now, we know that soldiers will receive a 1% “pay raise” next year. The problem is that this doesn’t even cover the rate of inflation, meaning that a soldier’s paycheck next year will be worth less than what he or she got this year.

However, that isn’t the whole story. Additionally, soldiers living off base will see a cut to their Basic Allowance for Housing. Again, while the average soldier will get a measly $17 more for their housing allowance, that still doesn’t begin to deal with inflation.

The military knows the inflation rate in the United States is around 1.6%. Giving our soldiers a 0.5% housing allowance raise doesn’t accomplish anything.

Additionally, the Pentagon has completely removed renters insurance as a part of the military’s pay package, forcing military families to pay hundreds of dollars a year out of pocket starting in 2015!

This is our last chance! Raise your voice and force the new GOP Congress to restore our military’s pay and benefits!

This happened last year. Congress cut our military’s pay claiming the need to “trim the budget.” But while the House and Senate pretended to care about the deficit, they refused to close a tax loophole abused by illegal aliens to the tune of billions of dollars a year!

Well, guess what happened this year… They cut hundreds of dollars out of military salaries but Congress gave each and every Congressman and Senator a $1000 monthly luxury car allowance…

This is how Congress operates. They cut the military’s pay to “trim the budget” while simultaneously giving themselves a raise!

It gets even worse. While slashing military pay and benefits, Congress also left the door open for illegals to start receiving social security and Medicare once Obama “legalizes” them.

Our soldiers’ families are going to be paying more out of pocket for medical care. Meanwhile, illegal aliens will be allowed to retire with full benefits!

This is outrageous! Our men and women in uniform literally bleed for this country. Many make the ultimate sacrifice. Is it too much to ask that Congress pay them what they have earned?

Our soldiers don’t ask for a lot. All they want is for their families to be taken care of while they are deployed.

If Congress wants to trim the budget, cutting military pay and benefits should be the last possible option.

They tried this nonsense last year. They tried to cut military pay while helping illegal aliens game the system. Do you know what happened? Millions of patriots like you responded and forced Congress to restore the military’s pay and benefits.

We can do it again. With the GOP taking over the Senate, we can right these wrongs.

But the only way that happens if we get a groundswell of public opposition to these military cuts. The only way we win is if we overload the Congressional fax lines until they can’t ignore us anymore!

There are men and women are overseas fighting and dying for this country. The absolute last thing that should be on their minds is whether or not their families can afford to stay in their homes. The last thing these heroes should have to worry about is whether their spouses can pay all the bills.

Whether you have served in this great country’s military or you are just an average citizen…  is up to you now to join this fight.

These men and women in uniform answered the call to fight for you.  Now it is your turn to fight for them!

This is our last chance! Raise your voice and force the new GOP Congress to restore our military’s pay and benefits!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily