Fellow Conservative,

We warned you a little more than a week ago about Obama’s plan to bring foreign Ebola patients to the United States for medical treatment and together, we sent thousands of emails to Congress demanding a full investigation.

You’d never believe how much hate mail we got. Liberals claimed we were lying, that we were deliberately trying to “belittle the Office of the President,” and that we were nothing but fearmongerers.

But it turns out that everything we wrote was true. The Obama administration was secretly planning to bring foreigners infected with Ebola to the United States for medical treatment. State Department officials were making plans to implement the program. And they would have gotten away with it had it not been for a brave whistleblower who leaked the memo!

Long before this was being covered by the likes of Fox News, we were demanding that heads roll for this. And now that it has been proven beyond a doubt that senior administration officials were planning to actually bringing infected foreigners to our shores, heads MUST roll!

Caught RED HANDED! Demand that Congress stop Obama’s idiotic Ebola policies that endanger Americans!

Do you know what Obama’s response was to all these criticisms? He feels “frustrated” that Americans don’t trust him to handle this Ebola crisis.

No, that’s not a joke. When it comes to the administration’s embarrassing Ebola response, the President blames YOU for not having more faith in his leadership…

How about the fact that the White House is actively fighting against liberal states like California, New York, Illinois and New Jersey to force them to abandon their Ebola quarantine protocols?

How about the fact that Obama believes it is ‘racist’ to institute a travel ban to/from Ebola countries, even though almost 30 other countries have done just that and 75% of Americans support the policy?

I mean, the Obama administration literally doesn’t know what its own policy is. The White House says that no quarantine is necessary for returning healthcare workers, but the Pentagon is forcing returning military personnel to go through a 21-day quarantine!

And now we can CONFIRM with 100% accuracy that the administration was caught red-handed planning to bring foreigners infected with the disease to American hospitals for treatment.

And how much was the administration willing to pay for this treasonous plan?

The State Department was prepared to earmark $200,000 for medical evacuation and $300,000 for medical treatment… per person! Not only was the Obama administration willing to put Americans at risk by bringing more Ebola to our shores, but also they were willing to stick YOU with the bill for it!

This is madness! However, what is even crazier is the fact that Congress was content with just sitting back and allowing this to happen!

I know what you’re saying… In all likelihood, and with a little luck, the Republicans will retake the Senate in a few days.

But if we don’t put a stop to this madness NOW, there won’t be a country left when they are sworn-in in January!

Caught RED HANDED! Demand that Congress stop Obama’s idiotic Ebola policies that endanger Americans!

This plan isn’t just illogical. It isn’t just idiotic.

It is patently illegal!

The law specifically prohibits infected foreigners from receiving visas. This is a statutory restriction. You see, previous Congresses recognized the need to protect Americans from foreign pandemics, which is why infection automatically disqualifies visa applicants.

But the Obama administration was preparing to ignore this law and bring contagious foreigners here anyway for treatment.

Now, the State Department is trying to sweep this under the rug. Just like the IRS scandal, they are trying to blame this on a rogue “mid-level analyst.”

Don’t believe that for a second. This memo was so widely circulated that a few brave whistleblowers felt a need to risk their entire career to put a stop to it!

No one is ever held accountable in this administration because the administration isn’t angry at these staffers’ actions, only that they got caught!

The founders designed the government so that in case this corruption and lawlessness pervaded one branch of government, the others could right the ship.

Now more than ever you MUST raise your voice! You must demand that Congress bring charges against these lawless government employees and, if necessary, impeach everyone involved in this disgusting scheme!

Don’t believe for a second that the administration is giving up on this! Unless Obama is stopped, Ebola patients will be imported into the country and Americans will unnecessarily be put at risk!

Caught RED HANDED! Demand that Congress stop Obama’s idiotic Ebola policies that endanger Americans!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily