Fellow Conservative,

There has been another “mass” shooting, this time in Pennsylvania. It appears that Bradley William Stone, a 35 year-old veteran, killed his ex-wife and then proceeded to kill five of her family members across the county.

This is a tragedy; there is no denying that. Gun control advocates are out in force calling for background checks (as if that would have helped) and assault weapons bans.

But there is one thing that the media isn’t telling you. Stone may have tried to carjack a passerby walking his dog, however when he pulled a knife, the dog-walker pulled his concealed carry pistol and opened fire.

This is the problem with the Left. They will cherry-pick stories in order to make them fit their narrative.

All any of these gun control groups are saying is that if there was more gun control, this tragedy could have been avoided.

But here’s the truth: if there was more gun control – complete disarmament like the Left wants – then this unnamed dog-walker would be dead too!

We are just days away from the GOP taking over all of Congress. We need to start making noise now and DEMAND that a concealed carry reciprocity bill be voted on ASAP!

A concealed carrier almost stopped the Pennsylvania mass shooter. Demand that Congress afford full Second Amendment rights to ALL Americans!

I am also reminded of what just happened in Australia. An Islamist walks into a coffee shop with a gun and holds innocent people hostage. All the media would talk about was how surprising and unpreventable this was.

However, if this had happened in the United States where concealed carry is legal, the headline could have been a lot different: “Would-Be Hostage Taker Killed By Concealed Carrier.”

The evidence is there that when law-abiding citizens are able to carry firearms for self-defense, violent crimes drop. Just look at Chicago. After the State of Illinois changed its gun laws to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons, crime dropped precipitously. 

I understand that most of the people reading this already live in a state that respects their Second Amendment rights. But as long as this right is denied to some, then we all are in danger.

I am not saying that everyone should be allowed to carry a gun. There are definitely disqualifiers in the law to stop criminals and the mentally ill from carrying weapons in public.

But guess what? The criminals carry anyway!

All these gun control laws do is disarm lawful Americans and turn them into victims.

The media is going to focus on this mass shooting and declare that gun control is the answer. They will completely ignore the fact that this “mass shooting” could just have easily been a “mass stabbing” or a “mass bludgeoning.”

However, what this story should be about is the fact that an armed citizen was able to defend himself and not become a 7th casualty.

How many people are made victims because their state refuses to allow them to defend themselves? I say that one is too many!

The right to keep and BEAR arms shall not be infringed! Demand nationwide concealed carry NOW!

This isn’t about returning to the Wild West. I don’t want to see any loss of life. But being forcibly disarmed is not morally superior to being able to defend your loved ones.

Democrats argue that there is no reason to be armed in an advanced society. Meanwhile, innocent people are being gunned down everyday by criminals who couldn’t care less about the gun laws on the books.

Enough is enough! No American should be disarmed for crossing a state line and no state should be allowed to prevent their law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights!

The Republicans are taking over the Senate in a few weeks. That is why we need to get loud NOW and demand that a National Concealed Carry bill be introduced as soon as the GOP takes over!

No more disarmed citizens… no more senseless tragedy... The Second Amendment allows for citizens to defend themselves in public and you need to DEMAND that this right be enforced across the country!

Demand that your Congressman and Senators support a National Concealed Carry bill!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily